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Pub Quiz from Quiz 4 FREE - for all your pub quiz needs.

About Us

Each page on this site has a complete Pub Quiz of forty or more questions for you to answer at your leisure. When you have completed the quiz, simply click the 'Answers' link to check your score. You can play by yourself, with your family or with a group of friends. Have fun.

The 'Answers' page has everything you need - Questions and answers, so you can simply copy and paste, then print them out to take down to the pub or other venue for a great 'Pub Quiz'.

You can be assured of getting top quality questions as our quizzes are from the same writers that write for our ever popular sister site: The quizzes you find on UK Pub Quiz are all new and won't be found on any of our other sites in the network. has been serving up top quality quiz questions since 2004. Over the years I have had several requests for a site that allows the visitor to actually have a go at answering the questions. On all our four sites we have given the answers on the same page as the questions, meaning that the visitor who wants to try the quiz can see the answers.

That's all changed with Pub Quiz. from Quiz4FREE. You can now 'Play at Home'. I hope you like the new format. If you do, please tell all your friends. If not please tell us, so that we can make the site even better. Enjoy.

If you would like a listing for your regular Pub or Club Quiz you can send your details and we will add you to our list on the blog.

All our writers enjoy quizzing and take part in pub quizzes either as contestants or as the quizmaster or both. So we know what you want from a great quiz.

Mistakes and other errors can be easily rectified. Please let me know if you spot any. Thanks

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