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Pub Quiz 19 - Questions - Written by Jim Ackroyd

Written by Jim Ackroyd - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1 In the nursery rhyme The Owl and the Pussycat, which kind of animal performed the wedding?
2 Who would have been known as the Biblical "Orpah" had the midwife not spelt the name wrongly on the birth certificate?
3 What is the Zodiac symbol for Gemini?
4 In 1778 Which country introduced the first state controlled brothels?
5 On what would you use a Howdah to be seated on?
6 The Lotus is which country's national flower?
7 Which south coast English town was made a city as part of celebrations for the new millennium?
8 The Head of the Herd was met by Nellie the Elephant on which road?
9 The Leader of an Orchestra plays which instrument?
10 Whooper and Berwick are specifically both types of what animal?
11 Which drinks company uses a bat as its registered trade mark?
12 Prince Edward and Lord Linley are what relationship to each other?
13 "People's car" is the literal translation of what brand?
14 Ansel Adams is a famous American who worked in what area of the arts?
15 Garlic belongs to which flower family?
16 During which month does Mardi Gras happen in New Orleans?
17 As in the action man, and in general American military terms what does GI stand for?
18 Macclesfield is famous for what fabric produce, as commemorated in the nickname of their football team?
19 The Virgin Mary is most commonly depicted dressed in what colour in Italian art?
20 The first electronic mail was sent in which year (or decade to make it easier)?
21 25th of January is the traditional worldwide day to celebrate which litarary icon's birthday?
22 Vodka, Tia Maria and Coke are the three ingredients in the drink most commonly known by what name?
23 The board game Buckaroo takes it name from the colloquialisms for what profession?
24 Tablespoon is equivalent to how many teaspoons?
25 The dance known as the lambada originates from which country?

Round 2 - Music

1 - U2 is the best selling music act from Ireland but who is the most successful (in terms of record sales) individual performer (2011)?

2 - Who was the lead singer of the band Them in the 1960s and has had a very successful solo career ever since?

3 - What kind of musical instrument is a bodhran?

4 - Which band started life as 'Feedback' and then became 'The Hype' before settling on their current name?

5 - Which song, traditionally performed before certain sports events, starts with the following words (in its own language):2 It is death, it is death, it is life, it is life (bis) - This is the hairy man - Who brought the sun and caused it to shine?

6 - Which three tenors formed the Three Tenors?

7 - Who had a chart hit in 1981 with Vienna?

8 - Who recorded the 70's disco song "You're My First, My last, My Everything"?

9 - Who sang "Walk on the Wild Side" in 1973?

10 - What are bow strings made of?

11 - Which group backed Martha Reeves?

12 - How many strings has a balalaika?

13 - In which Puccini opera do friends ply their landlord with drinks to avoid paying the rent?

14 - Which Beatle holds a trumpet on the Sgt. Pepper album?

15 - Who composed 'La Mer'?


Quiz 19 - Answers

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