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Pub Quiz 26 - Questions - Written by Jim Ackroyd

Written by Jim Ackroyd - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge.

1. Who was the British Prime Minister at the conclusion of World War Two?
2. Who had a hit with 'Boom Boom Boom' in 1999?
3. Which train station has the most platforms in the world?
4. What was the traditional building used to dry hops?
5. The Devon town of Honiton became famous for the production of what?
6. What is the name of the dance studios founded by Debbie Moore?
7. Who's home is Longleat House?
8. What is the title of the Australian National Anthem?
9. In which US state will you find the original 'London Bridge'?
10. Which port is Spain's largest?
11. In which country will you find Timbuktu?
12. In which city will you find the Pitti Art Gallery?
13. Which group had a UK No.1 in 1986 with 'The Final Countdown'?
14. An octagon has eight sides, how many does an hendecagon have?
15. What is the capital city of Liechtenstein?
16. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
17. What is the common name for lentigines?
18. What is the name of the dog that cartoon cat 'Garfield' likes to tease?
19. Haematology is the study of what?
20. Which country were the first to use venetian blinds?
21. In what year did the Boeing 747 come into service?
22. Which country has the worlds largest pyramid?
23. Which country hosted the first Commonwealth Games?
24. In which part of your body are red blood cells formed?
25. What was the name of the sitcom which starred Bruce Forsyth, airing for just two seasons between September 1986 and October 1987?

Round 2. Films

1. What is the name of Paul Hogan's co-star and became his wife?
2. Hollywood is in which US city?
3. What was the name of Humphrey Bogart's character in the 1951 film The African Queen?
4. Who directed the 1982 rock musical 'Pink Floyd - The Wall'?
5. By what name was actor Roy Harold Scherer better known?
6. What is the name of the 1986 movie in which David Bowie played the Goblin King?
7. Which 1968 film 'gave birth' to an Oscar winning song 'The Windmills of Your Mind'?
8. Which actor played the lead role in 'Doctor Zhivago' in 1965?
9. Who played 'Annie Hall' in the 1977 film of the same name?
10. Who played the title roll in the 1969 film 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips'?
11. Patrick Swayze starred as 'Sam Wheat in wich 1990 movie?
12. Which famous TV entertainer and game show host starred in the 1971 film 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks'?
13. Who was the star of the 1970 film 'A Man Called Horse'?
14. In the 1956 film 'The King and I' who played the character 'Anna'?
15. Which actress, later to become an MP, played the female lead in the 1973 film 'A Touch of Class'?


Quiz 26 - Answers

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