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Pub Quiz 50 - Questions - Written by Jim Ackroyd

Written by Jim Ackroyd - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge.

1. Who fronted the band Culture Club?

2. What does a bad workman always blame?

3. Which is more substantial, Afternoon Tea or High Tea?

4. In medicine what do the initials E N T mean?

5. In which soap would you find a garage known as The Arches?

6. What is an Alto Cumulus?

7. In which European country would you find Tuscany?

8. Which is the busiest passenger ferry port in England?

9. What weapons are used in fencing?

10. What is the German word for 'one' (spelling must be correct)?

11. Which golfer Jack was nicknamed 'The Golden Bear'?

12. In which Scottish City would you find Sauchiehall Street? 

13. Which TV personality's catchphrase is 'Awright'?

14. Which musician was known as 'Satchmo'? 

15. Which royal was once married to Lord Snowden?

16. What do the initials MEP stand for?

17. In children's television, what creature was Otis?

18. In which country would you find the pine scented wine 'Retsina'?

19. What is Mozzarella?

20. In which country are Rhineland, Bavaria and Saxony?

21. Which Joan starred in 'What ever happened to Baby Jane'?

22. Which part of your body does an orthodontist look after?

23. Is Sweden a Kingdom or a Republic?

24. What type of plant is associated with a viticulturist?

25. Which film contains the song 'Hi Ho'?

Round 2. General Knowledge.

26. For which country did Gavin Hastings play Rugby Union?

27. Which ice dance partnership performed to Ravel's Bolero?

28. Which song contains the line 'Feed the World'?

29. What are the initials of the painter 'Lowry'?

30. What 'flock together'?

31. What was the name of Henry VIII's naval flagship that sunk off the English coast?

32. What letter is directly above S on a computer keyboard?

33. Mark Kermode provides what on BBC radio and television?

34. The Met is a nickname of what organisation in London? 

35. Richard Tomkins was the man who set up the Green Shield Stamps scheme also set up a famous name retailer on the High Street.  What is it?

36. What were the usual speeds on a record player?

37. What is the name of the entertainment newspaper focused primarily on the American market?

38. What famous financial organisation is based ast Patemoster Square in London?

39. Why is the American town of Roswell famous?

40. Simon Mayo, Noel Edmonds and Steve Wright have all presented which particular programme on radio?

41. What countries are located on the Iberian Peninsula?

42. Which Dutch airline is the oldest to still carry the original name it began trading with?

43. What is 5% of 50?

44. What is 99% of 100?

45. What is the capital of Afghanistan?

46. The Bull Ring is a famous area in which English city?

47. What does LCD stand for?

48. If H20 is water, what is D20 commonly known as?

49. In the old Imperial system, how many inches were in two feet?

50. Carte Postale is known in English as what?

Quiz 50 - Answers

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