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Pub Quiz
54 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.     DOCILE, AS A MAN TAMED IT (an anagram and the answer three words is in the clue)


2.     If you ordered escargots French restaurant menu what would you be served with


3.     Who had a number one in 2006 with Patience


4.     Which Greek god was the father of Perseus


5.     What type of animal is a waterbuck


6.     On some advertising boards, what things are listed as FREE, at McDonalds


7.     In which English county is the Wyre Forest


8.     Who was the last Kaiser of Germany


9.     Who was the only boxer to fight both Rocky Marciano and Cassius Clay (before he became Muhammad Ali) in pro contests


10.  Which Italian car manufacturer made the Strada


11.  Who is on the American one cent (Penny) coin


12.  In LS Lowry's Going to the Match which football ground is depicted


13.  What is the more common name for Roentgen Rays


14.  What is the term used for wine all from the same vat


15.  By what name was Robert Bell known in the musical world


16.  What do we call a young seal


17.  What colour are the Wales Rugby Union team's socks when they are wearing their traditional red strip


18.  Which Italian city is served by Galileo Galilei airport


19.  Spanakopita is a Greek pie filled with what vegetable


20.  What does the abbreviation ACAS stand for


21.  What is the longest river in Poland


22.  What type of transport is a cape islander


23.  Who will be the American Ryder Cup captain in 2016


24.  The 18th Amendment introduced Prohibition in the United States, but which amendment abolished it


25.  What colour is the blossom of the blackthorn


26.  Which English model was married to musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton


27.  Rowan Williams was Archbishop of where, prior to becoming the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury


28.  In computer file naming what does PDF stand for


29.  In English law who is your nearest relative


30.  Lady Gaga cancelled her 2012 tour to which country after threats of chaos from protestors



31.  What was the nickname of the character played by Geoffrey Hughes in The Royle Family


32.  Who played Jerry St Clair in the TV sitcom Phoenix Nights


33.  What special ability did TV's Man About the House have that attracted two girls to flat share with him


34.  Who was the main girl who appeared in At Last The 1948 Show


35.  How many are there in a Family Fortunes team


36.  Who played Eddie Didgeridoo Catflap in the TV sitcom Filthy, Rich and Catflap


37.  In the Lovejoy TV series who bought Felsham Manor when Lady Jane moved away


38.  In Fawlty Towers what was the name of Manuel's pet hamster, which was really a rat


39.  What was the name of Ben's sarcastic assistant plumber in 2.4 Children


40.  What role was played by Bella Enahoro in the TV series Pie in the Sky



Quiz 54 - Answers

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