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Pub Quiz
55 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       What does the nickname DINKY mean when applied to couples


2       How many children did Adam and Eve have


3       Which plant gives absinthe it's hallucinogenic properties


4       Whose version of She's Leaving Home got to number one in 1988


5       What is a male otter called


6       Which football league side used to be known as Christ Church FC


7       Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Valiant


8       Which mountain range is the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia


9       Which English city has a ram as its emblem


10    What ingredient is added to dough to ensure that the bread rises


11    Who wrote the country and western song Coat of Many Colours


12    What type of creature is a cottonmouth


13    What is the first name of politician George Osborne's wife


14    Which Dickens novel is about the French Revolution


15    In the language of flowers what herb stands for activity


16    What was the RAF nickname for the Wellington bomber


17    What is the sacred animal of Thailand


18    What is the highest adult female singing voice


19    Richard 11's emblem is seen mainly now as a pub sign, what was it


20    The name of which English singer, who has had number one hits on both sides of the Atlantic, can be cockney rhyming slang for an all day drinking session


21    Peggy Middleton became famous as which actress


22    Which playing card is known as The Death Card


23    Where did the first duty free airport shop open


24    Which American president abolished slavery


25    What colour are tobacco drying barns typically painted


26    With which pop artist do you associate Campbell's soup tins


27    What is the maximum number of Friday the 13ths possible in one calendar year, including leap years


28    What are the young of herons known as


29    Which former Grand Slam winner coached Andy Murray between 2012 and 2014


30    Who wrote Sparkling Cyanide and Death on the Nile



31    Which cartoon cat kept on walking


32    Which famous wrestler had his own cartoon series


33    Puddleburg was the hometown of what cartoon character


34    In the Roadrunner cartoon series which company supplies most of the Coyote's weaponry


35    Stop the Pigeon was a spin off from which other cartoon series


36    What cartoon show's theme warns: "Watch out for that tree!"


37    In which country did the cartoon character Tin-Tin originate


38    Which cartoon rooster often says I say, I say, howdy son


39    Which cartoon character stammers it's alright folks at the end of Warner Brothers cartoons


40    What is tattooed on Popeye's arm



Quiz 55 - Answers

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