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Pub Quiz
59 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       In which European country is the port of Bergen


2       Which car manufacturer made the much maligned Dauphine


3       Which American jockey won the St Leger, the 1,000 Guineas, The Oaks (all on Oh So Sharp) and the Derby (on Slip Anchor) in 1985


4       Which Canadian singer songwriter wrote the song Woodstock


5       Who played the man eating Hannibal Lecter in the film Silence of the Lambs


6       What is the Jewish term for the Day of Atonement


7       A ewe is a sheep, what is a ewer


8       What is the most common colour used for mourning in the world


9       What is the a capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia (they are agitating for independence at the moment)


10    On the London underground map what colour is the Circle Line


11    Who was John McEnroe's doubles partner with whom he won four Wimbledon men's doubles championships


12    What colour is cuckoo spit


13    What was the first UK number one for Cliff Richard


14    Which BBC radio institution began in 1932 as the Empire Service


15    Which Welsh female christian name means blessed


16    Which London landmark was once the gateway to Buckingham Palace


17    In which country did artist Pablo Picasso die


18    Martin Fisk was famous for playing which character in TV commercials


19    What would an American call the back garden


20    What was the first turboprop airliner to enter service


21    At which venue does the All Ireland Hurling Final take place


22    What type of animal is a gilt


23    What is a Fremantle Doctor


24    Seal's Kiss From a Rose was the theme from which film


25    What popular Summer clothing item was originally made from the jipijapa plant


26    Who was the first American president to visit China


27    What is the setting for the 1986 film "Children of a Lesser God"


28    What is the correct way to address a cardinal


29    What is a gazebo


30    In England in the 1700's, which events attracted the most spectators (the record being over 80,000 in attendance)



31    Which aromatic rice is traditionally used in Indian cookery


32    What is the cheese usually used on a pizza base


33    What is the name of the Chinese snack consisting of a pancake filled with vegetables rolled up then fried


34    What is the main ingredient of the Indian dish dhal


35    Which folded pizza takes its name from the Italian for trouser leg


36    Shashlik is what type of food dish


37    What do the Chinese call fried noodles


38    What are the principal ingredients of the Indian dish, saag aloo


39    What is the main ingredient of the Chinese dish foo yung


40    What is the hottest curry offered on the menu in an Indian restaurant



Quiz 59 - Answers

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