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Pub Quiz
64 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       How many tablets were the Ten Commandments written on


2       As what did Joseph Grimaldi achieve everlasting fame


3       What forms the base of a traditional Pavlova


4       Which county is home to the group Muse


5       The Egyptian god Anubis is shown with the body of a man and the head of which animal


6       What is a female antelope called


7       When Glasgow Rangers signed Maurice Johnston, in what way did they make footballing history


8       Hellenikon international airport is in which country


9       What was the currency of Finland before the Euro


10    In Victorian times what type of person may have been referred to as a cutpurse


11    A traditional weapon of the Sicilian Mafia, what is a lupara


12    From which eighties film is this line taken: 'When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you'


13    We have Coke and Pepsi but what is the third largest selling soft drink in the world


14    What was the first reggae number one in the UK


15    The chough is a member of which bird family


16    In golf what is a shot that bounces over a water hazard called


17    In CB jargon what is a banana


18    Which handy everyday object found in many desk drawers and in most homes was invented by Stephen Perry in 1845


19    What is the capital of the Spanish region of Cantabria (Now to be seen on most UK High Streets)


20    What was the name given to the luxury versions of Austin Rover cars such as the Maestro, the Metro and the Montego


21    A TV advert popularly named 'Horses and Surfers' often tops the charts of best UK adverts of all time - what was being advertised


22    In The Jungle Book what type of animal is Ikky


23    After which part of the body are avocados named


24    Who had a hit with "Yakkety Yak" in 1958


25    What type of animal is a macaque


26    What is the Golden Spurtle which is an annual World Championship awarded for


27    Which British aircraft manufacturer made the civil transport aeroplane the Tudor


28    If you suffer from microtia what do you lack


29    Which vital communications link began in Britain in July 1937


30    What was Quentin Crisp's job that gave him the nickname The Naked Civil Servant



31    What company was formerly known as Computing Tabulating Recording Company


32    What was the former name of Regent's Park


33    What was the former name of Sellafield nuclear power station


34    Which South American country was formerly called Upper Peru


35    Which company began in Seattle as The American Messenger Co.


36    What is the former name of the University of Central England


37    Clarty Hole was the former name of which author's stately home


38    What was the former name of the animal rights group Respect for Animals


39    Which football league team was formerly called Boscombe Saint Johns


40    As what was Suriname formerly known



Quiz 64 - Answers

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