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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 65 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

40 Questions


1       What is the longest suspension bridge in the UK


2       Centre of a long-standing industry in Cornwall, how is kaolin also known


3       What is the collective noun for trout


4       What sauce is used as a topping on a Peach Melba


5       Which member departed from One Direction in March 2015


6       Who was the first player to have scored 200 Scottish Premier League goals


7       What make of car was an XK120


8       What was the common nickname for the US troops in WW1


9       What was Winnie Mandela's private army called


10    What are the names of Margaret Thatcher's twin children


11    What title was taken by industrialist William Richard Morris


12    The emblem of the Duke's of Northumberland and Henry 1 is seen now mainly as a pub sign, what was it


13    Which American male singer had a top ten hit in 1955 with Strangers In The Night


14    What is tachophobia the irrational fear of


15    Which two countries have been selected to hold the 2017 Rugby League World Cup


16    What aircraft stole the show at the 1966 Farnborough Air Show


17    What do Americans call cornflour


18    What animal is used as the national symbol of South Africa


19    What is the official currency of Ecuador


20    What is the London terminus when you travel up from Bristol


21    Which soccer song reached Number 1 in 1990


22    What is India's most successful sport in the Olympics


23    The first volume of which well known English actor's autobiography was titled The Moon's A Balloon


24    Beginning with A what was the most popular girl's name in 2011


25    What is the worlds largest land based carnivore


26    Where in England is the language Warlinnen spoken


27    Which American astronaut relayed the message back to Earth. Houston we have a problem


28    Whose funeral in County Cork, attracted former fellow "hell raisers" Alex Higgins and Richard Harris


29    How many points are there on a Star of David


30    What colour is a blue tit's breast



31    Who played Mary Beth Lacey in the TV series Cagney and Lacey


32    Who plays title role in the Inspector Banks TV series


33    Who plays Teresa Lisbon in the American police drama The Mentalist


34    Who played the part of Captain Frank Furillo in the TV series Hill Street Blues


35    How much per day did Jim Rockford charge in The Rockford Files


36    What was the name of the local reporter in the TV series A Touch of Frost


37    Endeavour was a spin off from which British TV series


38    Who is Crocket's partner in Miami Vice


39    Who played waitress Nicola in Pie in the Sky


40    Which US policeman was played on TV by William Shatner



Quiz 65 - Answers

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