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Pub Quiz
69 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       In the Anglican Church what is the rank of clergyman just below a Bishop


2       In Coronation Street what are the first names of Ken Barlow's twins


3       In which city is the Lowenbrau brewery


4       Which musician would you associate with the following Bubblerock, Sakkarin, 100 Ton and a Feather, The Weathermen


5       What name is given to a litter of piglets


6       How many countries boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics


7       Which country's car international index mark is EC


8       What would an American call a holiday


9       What is the highest waterfall in the world


10    Durham Cathedral overlooks which river


11    What is the collective noun for roach


12    Who played the Queen Mother in the 2006 film The Queen


13    What crooner's mother warned him not to change his name to Frankie Satin


14    What variety of birds can be are Hooded and Carrion


15    How many rooms are there on a Cluedo board


16    What was the more popular name for the transport aircraft designated DC 3


17    In which American state are the inhabitants nicknamed Rovers


18    In which capital city is the statue known as Manekin Pis to be found


19    What job were you doing if you were involved in a Nantucket sleigh ride


20    What was the name of the man who died in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool


21    A staple in the southern states of the USA what is corn pone


22    Jump back in the alley and nanny goats is a line from which song


23    William White (now deceased) was better known as which TV personality


24    What type of animal is an indri


25    What kind of animal is pictured on the badge of Kilmarnock FC


26    What is the London Orbital Motorway better known as


27    Into which gulf does the Mississippi flow


28    Which creature is mythically said to sing before it dies


29    The French call it the Pas De Calais what would we call it


30    Portia is a moon of which planet in the Solar System



31    Which group had a top ten hit in 1996 with Milk


32    What was the group called that consisted of Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton


33    What was the first UK number one for Pink


34    Which group had a top ten hit in 1982 with The Bitterest Pill


35    Which group had a top twenty hit in the seventies with The Guitar Man


36    What was Dr Feelgood's only top ten hit


37    Who had a top ten hit in 1994 with Cornflake Girl


38    Which sixties chart topping group featured a girl drummer


39    From which song are the following lyrics taken. She wrecked the car and she was sad and so afraid that I'd be mad


40    In Monty Python's The Lumberjack Song, what does the lumberjack have for tea



Quiz 69 - Answers

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