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Pub Quiz
72 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.       AN ILL NONCE (anagram of something to eat)


2.      Which film festival awards Golden and Silver Bears


3.      Which Leicestershire town is famous for pork pies and cheese


4.      If you were suffering from strabismus what would be wrong with you


5.      Which Pop Idol had a number one hit in 2004 called "All This Time"


6.      A nicker was slang for which British pre-decimal currency unit


7.      What game is played by The Milwaukee Chicks


8.      What is a tremor on the Moon's surface called


9.      What is the name of the giant cannon on show in Edinburgh Castle


10.   Which motor manufacturer make the Sorento and the Sportage


11.    Which animal is the largest member of the cat family


12.   Which American jet fighter entered service with the Royal Navy in 1968


13.   What other title is always held by the First Lord of the Treasury in Britain


14.   What is the family name of the Dukes of Devonshire


15.   Which fictional married couple lived at 37 Durham Street


16.   What is schnapps distilled from


17.   What colour is a mallard's bill


18.   Of which state was Ronald Reagan governor before becoming president


19.   What is the currency of Sweden


20.  In eighteenth century sea battles what killed most of the sailors


21.   Where would you find a troglodyte living


22.  What does the computer file acronym MPEG stand for


23.  A $1000 bounty offered by prostitutes from Big Whiskey, Wyoming drives the plot of which Oscar-winning film


24.  'I am a Cider Drinker' was a top-ten hit single for the Wurzels in 1976; it took the tune from which hit of the previous year


25.  In which sport can you be disqualified for timber topping


26.  What is the arm on a sundial called


27.  If you were engaged in a strathspey or pas de basque what would you be doing


28.  What is the collective noun for pups


29.  Ed O'Brian is the alter-ego of which super hero


30.  What do seven magpies signify



31.   What was the name of the first Harry Potter book


32.  In the Harry Potter films who played Hermione Granger


33.  In the Harry Potter stories and films, what kind of animal is Firenze


34.  What is the name of the ghost played by John Cleese in the Harry Potter films


35.  What is the surname of Harry Potter's evil uncle Vernon


36.  Which regular Harry Potter character is a half-blood wizard character and has the first name Rubeus


37.  What is Harry Potter's favourite kind of beer


38.  What kind of wood is Harry Potter's wand made from


39.  What was the name of Ron Weasley's pet rat in the Harry Potter films


40.  What is the name of the prison that wizarding criminals are sent to in the Harry Potter series of books



Quiz 72 - Answers

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