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73 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

30 questions about The Simpsons and 10 General Knowledge


1.       In The Simpsons, in the opening credits, the cash register shows a specific price when Maggie is "scanned". What is this price


2.      Who was the first big rock band to appear on The Simpsons as themselves


3.      In The Simpsons what is the name of Springfield's town drunk, and Homer's best friend from high school


4.      In the US television show 'The Simpsons', what colour shoes does Bart wear


5.      What is the name of the police chief in The Simpsons


6.      In The Simpsons who said, "On your way out, if you wanna kill somebody, it would help me a lot


7.      Where does Homer Simpson work


8.      What is Homer Simpsons bowling team called


9.      In The Simpsons what is the title of the episode in which Homer buys a gun


10.   For the first three seasons, The Simpsons were part of which show


11.    In The Simpsons what is the name of Mr Burns assistant at the power plant


12.   In an episode of the US TV series 'The Simpsons' who did Homer mistake for Mr Bean


13.   How old perpetually is Bart Simpson


14.   In The Simpsons what type of tree has been on the boundary of Springfield for generations


15.   In The Simpsons, what did Homer smuggle on board the space shuttle


16.   What is Homer Simpson's favourite beer


17.   In The Simpsons who drives the school bus


18.   In The Simpsons, what was the name of the store opened by Ned Flanders catering for left-handed people


19.   In The Simpsons what is the name of the minister at the First Church of Springfield


20.  In The Simpsons what TV show did Bart recognize the Babysitter Bandit from


21.   In The Simpsons what is the name of Springfield's bowling alley


22.  In the TV series the Simpsons what is the secret ingredient in the cocktail called a Flaming Moe


23.  In The Simpsons, what TV network do the Simpsons make fun of


24.  In The Simpsons, how does Bart get into a school for brainy kids


25.  In The Simpsons what is the nickname of Springfield's state capital, Capital City


26.  What is the name of the three-eyed fish in the US animated television series 'The Simpsons'


27.  When Marge and Homer first met in high school, where were they


28.  Who is Homer Simpson's annoying good neighbour


29.  In The Simpsons, what is Sideshow Bob's surname


30.  In The Simpsons, who is the proprietor of the Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop



31.   WRECKING EMBRACE (Anagram of a children's TV series)


32.  Which 1968 film featured the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment of British soldiers


33.  What is the main ingredient in the Russian soup Ukka


34.  What is the minimum number of notes needed to produce a chord


35.  Who is the Hindu god of fire


36.  What is a male cat called


37.  What drink was advertised with the slogan The Other Side of Dark


38.  Which Scottish town is known as The Gateway to the Isles


39.  Which Terry was released as hostage in Lebanon on 4 Dec 1991


40.  Ludwig van Beethoven and Francisco Goya both suffered from what ailment




Quiz 73 - Answers

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