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Pub Quiz
74 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.       REFINE MISHAPS (anagram of food)


2.      Whose autobiography was entitled Take It Like A Man


3.      What type of fruit is an Irish Peach


4.      Who combined with Glen Campbell for a 1969 cover of the Everly Brothers All I Have to do is Dream


5.      A slater or pig is another name for which creature often found in the garden


6.      In which German city did Martin Luther nail his 95 theses to the church door


7.      Who was the first European Footballer of the Year


8.      What colours are the uniform dresses of the Missionaries of Charity founded by mother Theresa


9.      What is Bordeaux mixture used for by gardeners


10.   What was the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone called when shown in America


11.    Which female singer had a top ten hit in 1991 and again in 1997 with You Got The Love


12.   Russian statesman Molotov's real name was Skriabin, what did Molotov mean


13.   A set of British stamps issued in 1995 commemorated the centenary of which British organization


14.   Michael Gordon Peterson, often referred to by the British press as The most violent prisoner in Britain, changed his name to that of which US actor in 1987


15.   What relation, if any was Clement Freud to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud


16.   What is the collective noun for Impala


17.   What do sumo wrestlers grip each other by


18.   What name was given to the volunteer cavalry recruited from farmers in Britain in medieval times


19.   According to folklore, who can shed no more than three tears


20.  What is the main daily newspaper published in Glasgow


21.   In the furniture world what can be lyre, lattice and ladder


22.  In which county is the English Heritage site of Sandbach Crosses


23.  In the language of flowers what flower stands for danger


24.  What sort of bird is a noddy


25.  According to the proverb a good example is the best what


26.  What nationality was the explorer Christopher Columbus


27.  What does a blue and white chequered flag signify in yachting


28.  In Children's rhymes onto whose back should the Gingerbread man not have jumped


29.  For what culinary purpose is a tammy cloth used


30.  In American CB jargon what is A Flying Donut



31.   What was the name of the cook in the TV western series Rawhide


32.  What was the name of the faithful butler in the 2013 TV sitcom Blandings


33.  In which soap was a cook called Mrs Cornet killed in an explosion


34.  What was the name of the butler in The Addams Family


35.  What nationality was the Ponderosa's cook in Bonanza


36.  What was the name of Audrey's butler in To The Manor Born


37.  What was the name of the Carrington's cook in Dynasty


38.  Jim Carter plays the butler in which TV series


39.  What was the name of the cook who married Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs


40.  Who was the English butler in Magnum



Quiz 74 - Answers

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