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Pub Quiz
75 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

1         HEAD OR GOAT (anagram of a chart hit)


2        What is the largest lake, by surface area, in Europe


3        In the initials of the American president JFK what did the F stand for


4        From which London main-line station would you catch a train to Southampton


5        Who is the compere of all Star Family Fortunes


6        At what age are female athletes classed as veterans


7        What is Algophobia the irrational fear of 


8        Which female singer had top ten hits in 1988 with Circle in the Sand and I Get Weak


9        What are the two main ingredients of French dressing


10     What was the name of the first dog in space


11      What name is given to the punctuation mark that consists of two dots, one above the other


12     What famous landmark can you find on Mount Cook in California


13     Apart from invalid carriages what is the only form of motor transport allowed on the island of Sark


14     At which equestrian venue is the Malting Wall jumped


15     In which area of London are the Abbey Road Studios


16     What vegetable would you get in an Indian restaurant if you ordered brinjal


17     Body piercings have become so popular that they now have names, where would a person be pierced if the piercing was known as a Christina


18     What number on the Beaufort Scale describes the wind as light air


19     How many children did Cleopatra have by Marc Antony


20    The San Juan islands are part of which American state


21     Who plays Susan Harper in the TV sitcom My Family


22    According  to the Bible which priest anoints Solomon as King of Israel


23    What was the former name of the band called The Band


24    How does a cricket umpire signal that a six had been hit


25    In which state was the High Chaparral ranch in the TV western series


26    What was the best-selling car in the UK in 2014


27    After the end of the Vietnam war what was the capital city Saigon renamed


28    On which date in October is Trafalgar day celebrated


29    Which is higher Marquess or Viscount


30    What would you do with latakia if you had some



31     What office is the Penguin running for in Batman Returns


32    In The New Adventures of Superman who played Lois Lane


33    Steve Rogers is the secret identity of which super hero


34    What word did Billy Batson have to shout to become Captain Marvel


35    What was superhero Green Lantern vulnerable to


36    In the film The Incredibles what super power does Dashiell have


37    Which group of Marvel superheroes fought Doctor Doom


38    Greyskull Castle features in the adventures of which super hero


39    Which superhero rode on a horse called Hero


40    Which super hero's real name is Johnny Blaze




Quiz 75 - Answers

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