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Pub Quiz
78 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1         LIVID NO FAKING (anagram of a late 1980's sitcom)


2        How does a clown copyright his face makeup


3        In which country was the beer Kronenbourg 1664 originally brewed


4        In the language of flowers what flower stands for distrust


5        There was a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2002 called A Concert For George, who was George


6        In New Zealand what type of animal is a Captain Cooker


7        Who was the manager of Sunderland when they last won the FA Cup


8        Who won the very first series of X Factor


9        A store opened in London's Mayfair in 2016, with everything priced at how much


10     In which film did Abbot and Costello land on Venus


11      Which was the President of the USA during the Korean War


12     Which British pair wrote Chris Farlowe's hit Out of Time


13     The Western Mail is a daily newspaper published in which country


14     In what sport would you find a point, a barrel and a flight


15     Reggie Kray died in his sleep in a hotel in which city in 2000


16     What word links: difference, ice, old


17     Which actor was the last surviving member of the Magnificent Seven


18     Henry 1V's emblem is seen mainly now as a pub sign, what was it


19     What was the first UK number one for Kajagoogoo


20    Who was King Arthur's father


21     What is the colour of the flower of hemlock


22    Which film studios made the Bugs Bunny cartoons


23    In which county did the famous huntsman John Peel hunt


24    What British public service ceased on June 12th 1921


25    Which film used the tag line Size Does Matter


Round 2. The English language has borrowed words from all over the world, from which country or language have we borrowed the following

26    Sauna


27    Anorak


28    Poltergeist


29    Bungalow


30    Marmalade


31     Kiwi


32    Abracadabra


33    Bamboo


34    Ski


35    Hammock


36    Gauntlet


37    Vendetta


38    Assassin


39    Bizarre


40    Curry



Quiz 78 - Answers

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