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Pub Quiz -
53 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       On which group of islands is the old Man of Hoy


2       If you were born on St. Andrew's day, what star sign would you be


3       Who released the 2015 album Uptown Special


4       Name the only major team sport in the USA with no game clock


5       What is the name of Hong Kong's airline


6       What does ZIP stand for in the American zip code used in addresses


7       In June 1975, Mozambique gained independence from which European country


8       Which art gallery would you visit to see Botticelli's Birth of Venus


9       What is the penultimate Book of the Old Testament


10    Which American Blues singer recorded the original version of "Got my Mojo Working"


11    What sport is played on Smith's Lawn


12    In which American state is there a town called Santa Claus


13    In which Italian city would you find the headquarters of the Pirelli company


14    What household substance would you be making if you were boiling sodium hydroxide with fats


15    Ursids, Leonids, and Orionids are all what


16    In which fast food restaurant could you buy a Bender in a Bun with Cheese


17    Wicca is the religion or practice of what


18    On the London underground map what colour is the District Line


19    The name of which European country means Land of the Eagle


20    How many children did Queen Victoria have


21    What is the name of the drink that consists of Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and a dash of club soda


22    By what name did Wladziu Valentino become well known


23    What was the first company to sell internal combustion engined cars


24    Which two American states end with the letter T


25    What company was advertised with the slogan Diamonds are Forever


26    Which forty year old won bronze in the hundred metres at the Sydney Olympics


27    In the language of plants what vegetable stands for charity


28    What is the usual first meal of a new born caterpillar


29    What is the main pollutant of acid rain


30    What type of weapon is a glaive



31    In The Wizard of Oz what did the Scarecrow want


32    In the Thomas the Tank Engine stories what colour is the Flying Scotsman


33    Who was the schoolboy hero created by Anthony Buckeridge in 1948


34    An anagram of Swap Shop, what was the purple dinosaur in the UK children's TV show called


35    In the children's Mister Men stories what colour is Mister Bounce


36    Who was the 2014 UK's best-selling children's books author


37    What were the two bees called in Stoppit and Tidyup


38    In the children's TV show Tales of the Riverbank what was the name of the hamster


39    Where did Mighty Mouse get his superpowers


40    In the children's story: who ate Chicken Little


Quiz 53 - Answers

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