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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 15 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Jim Ackroyd Answers


1. The period of time known as a trimester lasts how long


2. Pine Eyes' is the literal translation of which children's literary character's name


3. In which city was the philosopher and statesman Niccolo Machiavelli born


4. Who lost the most 'Ladies Singles Finals' at Wimbledon in the 1980s


5. In which country did roulette originate


6. What is the capital of Cyprus


7. In which ocean is 'Christmas Island'


8. What was the name of the Asian city of Jakarta prior to 1942


9. In the Bible which land was situated 'East of Eden'


10. In which European city will you find the 'Charles University'


11. In 1931, who was the first woman to be elected to the US Senate


12. The Alborz mountains are mainly in which country


13. 'Wild Turkey' is a famous brand of which alcoholic drink


14. At which racecourse is the oldest classic horse race, the St Leger run


15. Which football team play their home matches at Goodison Park


16. In which year did Apartheid begin in South Africa


17. Who was ruling monarch during the Battle of Bannockburn


18. Annie Mae Bullock is better known as whom


19. Which French wine region, produces the 'Chiroubles' and 'Saint Amour' red wines


20. Who directed the 1988 film 'Rain Man'


21. What does a Myologist study


22. Which is the only US city to have  a Royal Palace


23. Who was the last King of Portugal


24. What is the state capital of Virginia


25. What is the official language of Pakistan



26. What is the second largest city in Poland


27. In what year was George Washington elected US President


28. Who made the first ever parachute jump in 1797


29. In 1911, who was first man to reach the South Pole




30. How many times does The Lord's Prayer appear in the Bible



Round 2. Anagrams of UK rock and pop bands.

31. See Sign


32. Shy Pop Besot


33. Radio Gulls


34. Lady Clop


35. Jab Exams Next


36. Abuse Bags


37. Had Roadie


38. Hypo Mad Pansy


39. Slop Exists


40. Worn Deer


Quiz 15 - Answers

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