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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 16 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1 What is the longest mountain range in the world


2 Who became governor of Hong Kong in 1992


3 What is the commonest pub name in England


4 How many are there in a baker's dozen


5 In soccer is the goalkeeper allowed to take a throw in


6 How many years are there in a decade


7 What is the name of the newspaper that Superman works for in the identity of Clarke Kent


8 Name the stretch of water that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland


9 What is the state capital of Texas


10 What are Duck for Oyster, Bird in the Cage and Texas Star types of


11 In the Japanese martial art Kendo what are the swords made from


12 In cockney rhyming slang what is a dog and bone


13 Which monarch was followed by Queen Victoria


14 What does N.V. on a bottle of wine mean


15 How many teats are there on a cow's udder


16 What is the chemical symbol for copper


17 Which English surname means red haired


18 Which actor and former Mr Universe played the Hulk


19 Who had a U.K. number one in the sixties with If Paradise Is Half As Nice


20 Who was the first man to win World Championships on motor cycles and in cars


21 Who is second in command of the starship Enterprise


22 What is the correct name for a crossbow bolt


23 What is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Estate


24 What is the only surviving one of the Seven Wonders of the World


25 Black, Italian and Lombardy are all types of which tree


26 How many moons does Venus have


27 What do aircraft pilots nickname the auto pilot


28 How wide is each sign of the zodiac


29 What is the main ingredient of Glamorgan sausages


30 Where do the valuable Steiff teddy bears have their distinctive button which is a tag of their authenticity



1 From which creature would we get a gigot of meat


2 From which bean is chocolate made


3 What is added to whisky to make Drambuie


4 What is the correct way to eat asparagus


5 What ingredient in Advocaat gives it its yellow colour


6 What name is given to the coloured, scented outer rind of an orange, lemon etc.


7 What soft white sweets can be roasted over a fire


8 What is the name of the drink that consists of Bourbon Scotch or Rye Whisky, Sugar cube, Angostura bitters, Soda water


9 Which acid is formed when milk goes sour


10 What is the soft cheese Labneh made from



Quiz 16 - Answers

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