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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 17 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull Answers

Round 1



1       In lonely hearts adverts what does DTE stand for


2       What colour suit does Clark Kent always wear


3       Which Scandinavian spirit is made by distilling potatoes or grain with caraway and/or dill plus other herbs


4       A barcarole would usually be sang by which group of people


5       What trees can be silver, noble or grand


6       Which runner was nicknamed The Shifter


7       Which British motor manufacturer brought out an 800 series in the nineteen eighties


8       Who was Bill Clinton's first vice president


9       In which European city is the district of Montmartre


10    Which RAF rank is comparative with Commander in the Royal Navy


11    What is the name given to a nine sided polygon


12    John, Lionel and Ethel were part of which early twentieth century acting family


13    Who founded The Kentucky Fried Chicken chain


14    On which TV pop show did Gary Glitter work as a researcher


15    Which legendary hero is said to have lived in the Canton of Uri in the early 14th century


16    What is Britain's most poisonous mushroom


17    Which county cricket team plays at Grace Road


18    Which country's car international index mark is ROU


19    Which natural pass near the point where Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia meet was made famous in song by Lonnie Donegan


20    What is the crystalline form of silicon called


21    Meaning 'Black Knife' in Gaelic what is the dagger called that is worn in the sock when in full Highland Dress


22    What was the 1993 sequel to the 1979 thriller When a Stranger Calls


23    Which vegetable is used in the dish Eggs Florentine


24    Which member of her staff did Celine Dion marry in 1994


25    What is a young okapi called


26    How many points is the gold or bulls-eye worth in outdoor archery


27    What in the world of transport does PCV stand for


28    What are the two colours on the Bangladesh flag


29    What is the title of the lowest order of the British nobility


30    What is the meaning of the Latin phrase 'deo volente'


Round 2. KID'S STUFF

31    What colour is Rupert the Bear's jumper


32    Which TV puppets live on a canal barge


33    On which comic's front page did Biffo the Bear appear for many years


34    Which toy was originally called Mechanics Made Easy


35    What was Mr MacHenry's job on the Magic Roundabout


36    Who wrote the children's story James and the Giant Peach


37    In which children's comic in the seventies and eighties did Fred the Flop an incompetent criminal first appear


38    What children's toy was Gotfreid Christianson responsible for inventing


39    In the children's television series Thunderbirds who piloted Thunderbird One


40    Who wrote the Thomas the Tank Engine stories


Quiz 17 - Answers

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