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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 21 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       In what street is London's famous Petticoat Lane Market held


2       What was the name of the landlord in Rising Damp


3       In electronics what does L.C.D. stand for


4       What is the branch of physics concerned with light and vision


5       Who is the one armed drummer in the group Def Leppard


6       What in inches is the normal height of the tread of a stair


7       What was Concorde's first scheduled route


8       What was the name of the fictitious hunch-backed bell ringer in Victor Hugo's novel "Notre Dame de Paris


9       What are the first three words in the Bible


10    What is the name of Les Battersby's wife in Coronation Street


11    How many letters are there in the Latin alphabet


12    What happened to Peeping Tom for spying on Lady Godiva


13    What is the name of Andy Capp's best friend


14    What kind of bird did the Ancient Mariner kill


15    Which horse won the 2000 L'Arc De Triomphe




16    What is the state capital of Arizona


17    What was the name of the prison in Porridge


18    In what year did decimal coinage start in the U.K.


19    Who said in 1987 that you had to fight for your right to party which reached number 11 in the U.K. charts


20    Who invented the clockwork radio


21    In which country did the Aztecs live


22    By what name was Robert 1 of Scotland better known


23    What was the largest German battleship in W W 2


24    From which team did Arsenal sign Dennis Bergkamp


25    How many square metres are there in a hectare


26    Tea, rubber and which other product are Sri Lanka’s major exports


27    In what county is Broadmoor Mental Hospital for the criminally insane


28    At what Mach number does speed become hypersonic


29    From which musical did the song Getting To Know You come


30    In which sport did Britain win it's first gold medal of the Sydney Olympics




31    Which toothpaste was advertised as you'll wonder where the yellow went


32    What is the commonly used term for the subtle form of advertising by which brands are featured in films and TV programmes


33    Which company advertises on its shopping bags Chocolate Heaven since 1911


34    Which chocolate bar allegedly had a hazelnut in every bite


35    In what year did the Dulux Dog first appear in adverts


36    What was the first soap powder to use street interviews in its commercials


37    Which man who doesn't get out much wrote the slogan Naughty but Nice in the adverts for fresh cream commercials


38    Which company advertised on TV with the slogan, Gets your clothes deep down clean


39    Which soap when first advertised claimed that its fragrance was worth nine guineas an ounce


40    What is advertised as "The mint with the hole"



Quiz 21 - Answers

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