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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 22 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       What was the relationship between the brewers, Samuel and John Smith


2       Which one of the Bee Gees was married to Lulu


3       What was the name of the burglar in Oliver Twist who killed his mistress Nancy


4       From which Elvis Presley hit do these lines come, a wishbone in my pocket, a rabbit's foot around my neck


5       What is the fourth Sunday before Xmas called


6       If in the NATO Alphabet Alpha stands for A what word stands for G


7       How many degrees are there in a circle


8       Who were Tom and Barbara's neighbours in The Good Life


9       You have all seen SWAT teams in American programmes what does SWAT stand for


10    What was the name of Katie's husband in the long running Oxo commercials


11    What is the name of the tent in which a circus takes place


12    Who played the title role in the film Elmer Gantry


13    What colour is Pentonville Road on a Monopoly board


14    What medical condition is caused by a lack of insulin


15    What year was it, Elvis Presley got married, The Torrey Canyon disaster and Tottenham won the FA Cup



16    Who had a U.K. No 1 in the 80's with Working My Way Back to You


17    Before decimalisation how many pennies were there in a florin


18    What is the capital of Japan


19    Which fashion house produces a perfume called Dune


20    Which film starring Michael Caine gave Cilla Black a hit record


21    Who was the fruity character that became the first president of Zimbabwe


22    What was the only major sea battle of WW1


23    What was the first name of O.J. Simpson's murdered wife


24    Which country won the first rugby union World Cup


25    In the TV series Happy Days which actor played the Fonz


26    What is the second largest of the American states


27    What is frozen dew called


28    What was the title of the book written by Salman Rushdie that forced him to go into hiding


29    When M.O.T, testing began in Britain how old did the vehicle have to be


30    What word links four, islands and tunnel


Round 2. T

31    What is the more popular name for the trumpet narcissus


32    What type of creatures are geckos


33    What do conifers have in their cones


34    What is a young moose called


35    What are the larvae of flies called


36    How do polar bear's feet differ from the feet of other bears


37    What type of bird is Rupelle's Grifon


38    Which breed of terrier is named after the village near Morpeth in northern England where it was originally bred for ratting


39    What can robber crabs do that other crabs can't


40    From what type of tree do we get dates and coconuts



Quiz 22 - Answers

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