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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 23 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull Answers


1       What is the national flower of Ireland


2       What sport is contested under FINA rules


3       In DC comics who was the original leader of The Justice League


4       What is the traditional decoration for a Dundee cake


5       Who had a number one in 2010 with Pass Out


6       Which large African viper inflates its body when alarmed


7       Which London railway station is named after a famous battle


8       Which US President was given the nickname The Comeback Kid


9       Which Indian city now prefers to be called Mumbai


10    Which former MP wrote the novel A Parliamentary Affair


11    The middle five letters of a nine-letter word spell SHONE, what's the word


12    What does PM stand for when telling the time


13    The Carisbrook Rugby Stadium is in which country


14    In The Simpsons what is the name of the sickly boy in Bart's class, who usually throws up on field trips


15    Which fruit are dried to make prunes


16    Tres Hombres' was the 1973 release by which El Paso Texas band


17    What type of creature is a Jacky winter


18    What did Henry Ford's first car lack, something we now expect


19    On the borders of which two countries are the Victoria falls


20    In humans, microcephaly is having an abnormally small what


21    What alias was adopted by Lawrence of Arabia when he joined the Army


22    If you were born on March 12th, which sign of the zodiac would you be


23    What was the first song to reach number one in the UK after being banned by the BBC


24    Who was the Roman god of fire


25    Which Christian saint was born at Lourdes in France


26    On which of the Great Lakes does the American city of Buffalo stand


27    What is the name of Bangkok's notorious entertainment district


28    What is the extreme sport called in which a person hurls themselves down a hill inside a large hollow ball


29    How many days do you have to claim a National Lottery prize


30    What is the only city in the English county of Wiltshire



31    In which Western town was Wild Bill Hickock killed


32    What is the name given to a Navajo dwelling built of logs and mud


33    Who killed Jesse James


34    For what purpose would a north American Indian use watap


35    What world renowned frontierswoman, buried in Deadwood, South Dakota, allegedly was laid to rest wearing a white dress and with a gun in each hand


36    What was the cowboy's term for a motherless calf


37    Where in South Dakota were Sioux Indians slaughtered in 1890 marking the end of native Indian resistance


38    She was born Mary Katherine Horony but better known as Big Nose Kate and was the common law wife of which western gunfighter


39    Where would a cowboy wear his chaps


40    Which Sioux Indian chief was killed in 1877 after surrendering to American troops


Quiz 23 - Answers

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