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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 24 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bob Curtis (Mobocurt) Answers

Question 1 Which member of the Royal Family was recently in the news after it was reported that they were

facing bankruptcy ?


Question 2 Which Children's TV show has run continuously since 1958 ?


Question 3 What's the average age at which people in the UK become Grandparents ?


Question 4 Where is the head office of Cathay Pacific airlines; is it Hong Kong or Singapore ?


Question 5 Which major North American tourist attraction is wearing away at a rate of 5 feet per year?


Question 6 What are the five flavours you'd find in a packet of Rowntrees pastilles or fruit gums?


Question 7 19 and 17 are either side of which single number on a standard dartboard?


Question 8 What disease is also known as lockjaw?


Question 9 Family Fortunes Question ; Something In Spaghetti Sauce apart From Tomatoes


Question 10 Name any 6 of the 10 movies that made the short list for the Best Film Oscar at the

2010 Academy Awards



Question 11                                 Anagram                    9 letters/1 word

                                  R T B O M A E R E

Cryptic; Feeling the pressure                          a=

Question 12 Which aid to sore throats is made in the Lancashire port of







Question 13 Rhyming Answers

1        What word can follow credit, Christmas and post?

2        In which series of films does Bruce Willis play the role of John McClane?

3         What is the name of the Pope's private army?





Question 14 Whose ten years and two months as Chancellor of the Exchequer made him the

longest-serving Chancellor in modern history?     


Question 15 Which poison has a very distinctive aroma, smelling like Almonds ?

Question 16 Which fruits form the base for the following drinks?

A) Cider------------

B) Cointreau-------

C) Grenadine-------

Question 17 At 230 miles, which is Britain's longest motorway?


Question 18 Which type of plant, is the largest member of the grass family? A=

Question 19 Which four cities did London beat in order to host the Olympics Games in 2012?




Question 20 Who am I ?

12pts  I was born on 20 January 1971, Frodsham, Cheshire

11pts  I am still alive and active and adding to my vast wealth

10pts  I first appeared on TV aged 15 in a BBC Pebble Mill contest called A Song for Christmas

9pts  I married a member of my stage crew in 1999 and now have 2 children

8pts  I sang backup on Elton John's Lion King smash hit "Can you feel the love tonight." [ Number 14 in 1994 ]

7pts  I was the leader of a band and had a short solo career when the band broke up.

6pts  Away from music I have appeared as an actor on ITV's Heartbeat

5pts  I released the Solo Albums Open Road and 12 Months 11 Days

4pts  I am back on the road with my band and we are having lots of success.

3pts  Rumour has it that an ex band member is to bury the hatchet and sing with us again

2pts  I am the leader and songwriter for Take That

1pt  Initials = GB

Question 21  Which musical instrument appears on the Queens Royal Standard Flag?


Question 22 What is the more common name of the process described in a medical dictionary as Parturition?


Question 23 What's the year

A=  Geri Halliwell leaves The Spice Girls------------19

B= The population of Portugal hits 10 million--------19

C= France win the World Cup-------------------------19

D= A computer beats Gary Kasparov at chess-------19

Question 24 The "Little Nipper" is Britain's best selling what?


Question 25 Which London landmark was moved from Buckingham Palace to Cumberland Gate, Hyde Park in 1851?


Question 26 True or False ?

A= A game of Cribbage ends when 1 player scores 121 !

B= Bovril is a Scottish invention !

C= The first recorded Women's Cricket match took place at Lord's in 1887 !

D= In South Pass City, Wyoming  any man who constantly kisses "human beings" is forbidden to have a moustache!

Answers =


Question 27  What is the shape of a Viagra tablet?


Question 28 On a  Snakes and Ladders board, which are there more of - Snakes or Ladders ?


Question 29 Who are the two actors who starred in the film 'The Dirty Dozen' that went on to top the UK Charts?


Question 30 Wipeout

Here are ten questions, you will receive a point for each correct answer.

If you answer any question incorrectly you will be wiped out and receive


So if you are not sure of the answer leave it blank and you will score on the questions you have correctly answered


Which Robbie Williams' track is the UK's favourite funeral song according to a survey?



Which Disney Animated movie featured a character called Triton ?



How many 'Beatles' appear on the cover of the Abbey Road Album?



Who is the 1st character to speak in the film Star Wars; Episode 4 A New Hope ?



Which Gallagher brother became a father 1st ?



Who provided the voice of Valiant the Pigeon in 'Valiant'



In which film did Nicholas Cage play Randall Memphis Raines



 Which band have released more Greatest Hits albums than any other recording artist ?



Which Trainspotting actor released a cover version of Tony Christie's Avenues & Alleyways



Which sci fi legend appears in the Miss Congeniality films ?




Quiz 24 - Answers

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