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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 28 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       If pollo was the main ingredient of your Italian meal what would you be eating


2       On which British golf course would you find the Road Hole


3       What is a young bison called


4       Where was Little Red Riding Hood going when she met the wolf


5       Who had a number one in the eighties with Spirit In The Sky


6       Which Greek Island shares its name with a lettuce


7       What English town shares its name with a castle in North Yorkshire and a park near London


8       According to the proverb which mice are poor


9       Who was Britain's first Olympic ski jumper


10    Which British aircraft manufacturer made the Overstrand medium bomber


11    In the film The Magnificent Seven how many of the seven were alive at the end


12    Which song contains the lyrics "They paved Paradise to put up a parking lot"


13    Which soap when first advertised claimed that its fragrance was worth nine guineas an ounce


14    The leaves of which vegetable are particularly rich in iron


15    On which grand prix circuit does Casino Square feature


16    What type of vehicle was Henry Ford's Fordson


17    What was the name of the rabbit in the Disney film Bambi


18    What was one hit wonder Sherbet's one hit


19    Comice, Bartlett and Bon Chretin are varieties of which fruit


20    Name the five main members of what was known as the Rat Pack in Hollywood (point for each)


21    Who was the last inmate of Spandau Prison


22    What nationality was former Aston Villa Centre Forward John Carew


23    What colour are the spots on a common ladybird


24    Who played Ross and Monica's father Jack, in the US sitcom Friends


25    What instrument is associated with jazz musician Monty Sunshine


26    How far was the medieval distance of a league


27    In which war did the battle of Spion Kop take place (1900)


28    What is the currency of San Marino


29    What type of animal is a bushbuck


30    Which two metals are alloyed to form brass



Round 2 - COMICS

31    Mickey the Monkey was the first character to appear on the cover of which children's comic


32    What is the name of the really ugly kid with ears sticking way out of his head in Bash Street Kids in The Beano


33    What is the best selling British comic of all time


34    What does comic character Desperate Dan use to shave with


35    Which comic character was known as the pilot of the future


36    In which adult comic would you find Billy the Fish and the Fat Slags


37    With which girl's magazine did Mandy and Judy amalgamate in 1997


38    For which fictitious Football Team did Roy of the Rovers play


39    In comics who or what was Black Bob


40    What are the names of the twins in Lord Snooty's gang



Quiz 28 - Answers

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