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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 29 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       From which country does Advocaat originate


2       What is the capital of Australia


3       Who played Blunderwoman on the Russ Abbot Show


4       What sportsman could be disqualified if his balls weighed more than 1.62 ounces


5       What is a loaf called that is made from two round lumps with the smaller one on the top


6       What are the young of raccoons called


7       You Can't Hurry Love by Phil Collins in 1983 was previously recorded in 1966 by which Motown group


8       I STONE WALL HIM is an anagram of which sportsman


9       What was advertised with the slogan 'If it's on it's in'


10    Who received a posthumous pardon in 1966 for murders thought to have been carried out by John Christie


11    Which London street only has houses in it numbered 10,11,and 12


12    In the sixties TV series The Seven Faces of Jim, who played Jim


13    What were the first names of the brothers in the pop group Bros


14    Klagenfurt International Airport is in which country


15    Whom did Sir Winston Churchill describe as a sheep in sheep's clothing


16    Kent's Hole (sometimes called Kent's Cavern) is in which English county


17    What is the third largest cathedral in England after Saint Paul's and York Minster


18    Of all mammals which produces the largest baby


19    Which singer played the fencing instructor Verity in the Bond film Die Another Day


20    Which five Tottenham players were in the England squad for the football world cup in South Africa (point for each)


21    What weapon did Pope Innocent 111 outlaw as a weapon of mass destruction in 1139


22    Which club was formed especially for people with large moustaches


23    Who created the fictional detective Richard Hannay


24    Which American singer sang Beauty School Dropout in the film Grease


25    Which nation will host the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup


26    Which British prime minister sacked a third of his cabinet in the sixties in an event which has come to be called the night of the long knives


27    In what year did rationing completely end in England after WW2


28    Which fruit is the national emblem of Spain


29    Which organization began life as The Van Dweller Association


30    What was the name of the smaller Range Rover that came out in 2011




31    What type of fruit are Farley, Merryweather and Shropshire Prune varieties of


32    How many years does vintage port take to reach its proper maturity


33    Which two cheeses are combined to make Cambozola cheese


34    What is the flavour of the liqueur Amaretto


35    The flour of which grain is used to make black bread


36    Which drink is known as "the Uncola"


37    Originating in France, what is the name of the small ball of choux pastry, usually filled with cream and often covered with chocolate


38    Which traditional English sauce contains anchovies, garlic, molasses, vinegar and onions


39    What is the main ingredient in gravadlax


40    What was the difference between Delia Smiths 1986 Complete Cookery Course and her 1989 Complete Cookery Course



Quiz 29 - Answers

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