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Quiz 35 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers


1.     WE MEDICAL FILTH (anagram TV series)


2.     In which Bond film did the character May Day feature


3.     The British company Winmau is associated with which game


4.     Which Japanese motor manufacturer made the Outback


5.     Which word denotes an official appointed by a government to investigate and address the complaints made by individual citizens


6.     Complete the proverb, conscience does make


7.     The town of Pisa lies in which Italian region


8.     What album by Michael Jackson won the Grammy in 1983


9.     In which American TV show did Johnny Depp play an undercover cop working in a high school


10.  What is the oldest soft drink on sale in the USA


11.  From which Puccini opera does Nessun Dorma come


12.  In which country are Europe's only wild bison to be found


13.  What is the traditional name for a spot on a domino


14.  Who wrote the classic novel Les Miserables


15.  Which king of England was known as the Merry Monarch


16.  Whose life story is titled 'Fly Me, I'm Freddie!'


17.  What is the capital of the American state of Georgia


18.  What part of the body does Silicosis affect


19.  Persil is the French name for which herb


20.  Who had a number one in the seventies with Billy Don't Be A Hero



21.  HURRY BET CERT (anagram of a former sportsman)


22.  What is the name of Tin Tin's dog


23.  Christmas Pearmain and Worcester Pearmain are types of which fruit


24.  Which pop duo were once known as Tom and Jerry


25.  What is the smallest member of the weasel family


26.  What is the nickname of Everton FC


27.  The SNCF is the national railway corporation of which European country


28.  In which county was Sir Walter Raleigh born


29.  What are the eyeglasses called that are held in place by a clip on the nose


30.  In the Harry Potter series what is Gringotts


31.  Which showbiz mum had a daughter in 2002 that she named Mysty Kid


32.  What is the currency of Russia


33.  What word links fruit, rabbit and Suffolk


34.  In the Bible's Book of Proverbs, what is stated to be more precious than rubies, better than silver and gold


35.  What is the only golf course in Ireland to have held The Open


36.  Which Scotsman had a top twenty hit in 2009 with Candy


37.  Which European capital city shares its name with a chicken dish


38.  How many times a year does the moon go round the sun


39.  What is the collective noun for show dogs


40.  By what name is Brisbane cricket ground usually known


Quiz 35 - Answers

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