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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 36 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1 In which city could you visit The Louvre


2 Who won the best actress Oscar for the film Boys Don't Cry


3 What are the ends of a magnet called


4 What is another name for a black leopard


5 In which part of the body would you find the smallest bone


6 What sport is covered in the Wisden Almanac


7 Who was the last man to walk on the Moon


8 In which film did the instrumental Duelling Banjos feature


9 In the old TV adverts which soap were you advised to buy if you had B.O.


10 Who won an MTV Best Video award for Ray of Light


11 Which British aircraft company made the single engined biplane fighter the Bulldog


12 Which group had a top ten hit in 1992 with Viva Las Vegas


13 In which American city is the Lincoln Centre


14 Which Bond theme was a hit for Sheena Easton


15 What does the acronym E.R.N.I.E. the Premium Bond machine initials stand for


16 Who was assassinated in a Harlem ballroom in February 1965


17 In which country was the Warren Beatty film Reds set


18 In which indoor game would you find a pyramid spot


19 What did Madonna call her second child


20 Name the eight American universities that are known as the Ivy League


21 What ingredient is used with sugar to make meringue


22 Which American actress cried all the way through her Oscar acceptance speech for Shakespeare in Love


23 In which American state is Dallas


24 Which is the best swimmer in the bear family


25 If you were to land at Kai-Tak Airport where would you be


26 What are the two colours of the Polish flag


27 Who won the first FA Cup final held in Cardiff


28 What is the ancient counting frame using wires and beads called


29 In which country was the first CD made


30 In what sport would you take part in on a track marked with a sprinter's line, a stagers line and a blue band



31 Which musical won the Tony award for best musical in 1960


32 Who had 1960's hits with 'Detroit City', I'm Coming Home' and 'Help Yourself'´


33 Which former Staff Sergeant recorded the 1965 protest song Eve of Destruction”, protesting against the Vietnam War


34 Which group had a top ten hit in 1965 with We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place


35 What were Emile Ford and his Checkmates counting in 1960


36 Which actor, singer and songwriter had a top ten hit in 1960 with Strawberry Fair


37 Who had a number one in the sixties with In The Year 2525


38 Which band did Glen Campbell join in 1965


39 Who had a 60s No 1 duetting with Nino Tempo


40 Who had a top ten hit in 1965 with Positively Fourth Street



Quiz 36 - Answers

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