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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 37 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round1 General Knowledge

1       VERMIN BITE Japan ( anagram of a film title)


2       Which month of the year is named after a Roman festival of purification


3       Who was the first actor to play Doctor Who


4       Areesh is a type of cheese originating from which country


5       Who, in legend, was the mighty hunter, and great-grandson of Noah


6       Which insect gives off the froth known as cuckoo spit


7       Who released the 2015 album 'Purpose'


8       Uranophobia is the fear of what


9       For which two counties did Tom Graveney play cricket


10    Who played the part of Mildred in the TV sitcom George and Mildred


11    In what Australian state would you find Bathurst


12    Which British aircraft manufacturer made the Stranraer biplane flying boat


13    Who fell off the stage during a performance at the 2015 Brit Awards


14    Galveston Bay is in which of the United States


15    By what name did we come to know William Broad


16    What does the cockney rhyming slang I suppose mean


17    What is the name of the chapel of the Pope in the Vatican


18    Which masked avenger did Guy Williams portray on TV in the 1950's


19    Which breed of dog is named after the 12th century abbot of Claivaux


20    In which game is the Mosconi Cup a trophy


21    From which song are these lyrics taken You saw Brigadoon, I saw the crescent


22    First performed in 1978 which Englishwoman wrote the play Talent


23    What does the computing acronym, SMTP stand for


24    Which US President famously said “I'm not a crook”


25    Where are the Descartes Highlands


26    What is the main field of riders in a cycle race called


27    Which country's car international index mark is SLO


28    What is the collective noun for snowflakes


29    Which Canadian territory forms most of the border with Alaska


30    What colour is harlequin


Round 2 Advertising

31    According to posters displayed in WW 11 what did careless talk cost


32    According to the advert: To stop infection and keep wounds clean your always safe with what


33    According to the old advert on TV what puts the T in Britain


34    A TV advert for which drink featured a cat called Tom going clubbing


35    According to TV commercials which drink had bottle


36    Advertising which product links Johnny Haynes, Denis Compton and David Beckham


37    Don't die of ignorance was a slogan sent out referring to what disease


38    For which product was Michael Jackson making an advertisement video when his hair caught fire


39    In a 1937 advertising campaign where could you go if you wanted a week's holiday for a week's pay


40    In which city were advertising moguls Saatchi and Saatchi born


Quiz 37 - Answers

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