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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 38 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bob Curtis (Mobocurt) Answers

Question 1 What is the name of the official national anthem of the USA?
Question 2 Who was the Wimbledon Mens Champion in 2013 ?
Question 3 The Answers the Same ?
A= The code for international direct dial calls to New Zealand----
B= Number of sexual positions in the Kama Sutra---------------
C= 4 cubed--------------------------------------------------------
Question 4 In which country would you find the Dolomite mountains; Greece or Italy ?
Question 5 Which fruit was previously known as a Chinese gooseberry?
Question 6 What were the titles of the first 3 Harry Potter Books
Question 7 Candy floss is a traditional Fairground treat, what do the Americans call Candy Floss ?
Question 8 A female Swan is called a Pen, a female Ferret is called a Jill but what is a female elephant called ?
Question 9 Family Fortunes; Name An Excuse People Give For Being Late
Question 10 There are 21 Scottish League Football Stadiums with names that officially end in Park, even though Park may not be in common usage, name any 15 !
Question 11 Anagram 11letters/ 1 word
Cryptic; Carrying too much A=

Question 12 Which British Prime Minister won a Nobel Prize for Literature ?
Question 13 Which 3 different sports provided the winners of the last 4 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award ?
Question 14 What substance is the lead in pencils made of?
Question 15 Which airline is the world’s oldest one to still be using its original name?
Question 16 What are the 3 Air signs of the Zodiac ?
Question 17 How many wings does a bee have?
Question 18 What links Johnny Depp, the Spanish word for Idiot and 5/7ths of the largest city in Canada ?
Question 19 Name any 4 ingredients of a Standard Mojito cocktail ?
Question 20 Alphanumericals
1 = AN of H =
2 = H are BTO =
3 = B in the HE =
4 = M with TD =
5 = V in the A =
6 = D in a PC =
7 = P for B in S =
8 = KH of E =
9 = S in NAC =
10 = CG to M =
11 = P on a FT =
12 = N on a C =
13 = S on the AF =
14 = L in a S =
15 = M on a DMC =
16 = VV =
17 = PBN and SV =
18 = YOTV =
20 = FO in a P =

Question 21 Which spice is made from crocus flowers?
Question 22 Which country was originally scheduled to host the 1940 summer Olympics, before its cancellation due to the outbreak of the Second World War?
Question 23 What is the formula 2πR for? (π is the symbol for ‘pi’)
Question 24 In 2007, which celebrity chef was responsible for the redesigning of Little Chef menus, only to part company with them earlier this year ?
Question 25 What’s the year; An earthquake measuring 7.0 devastated Haiti, the Eurozone and the International Monetary Fund agreed a 110 billion euro bailout deal for Greece and 33 Chilean miners were rescued after being trapped underground for 69 days.
Question 26 True or False ?
A= Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman was the first man to walk on all 5 known continents of the time !
B= Michael Jackson had a pet python called ‘Crusher’ !
C= A cross between a horse and a zebra is called a Hobra !
D= Muscle turns to fat if you stop exercising !
Answers =

Question 27 Which car logo consists of 3 diamonds which meet in the middle?
Question 28 Leveller, 1,2 or 3 pts[ Points added if correct, deducted if wrong]; In the novel Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, what was Dr Jekyll’s Christian name; was it Edward or was it Henry ?

Question 29 Wipeout
Q1 Andy Murray won Wimbledon in 2013, but who did he beat in the Quarter-Final?
Q2 In which TV Soap would locals drink in ‘The Dog in the Pond’?
Q3 What is the name of the manufacturer that is currently under major scrutiny for its tyre failures in Formula One?
Q4 Which Breakfast Product was advertised with the slogan ‘Central Heating For Kids’?
Q5 What is ‘Arthrology’ the study of?
Q6 Who has hosted the Oscars the most times?
Q7 On which TV Gameshow were losing contestants given a consolation prize of a chequebook and pen?
Q8 Who commanded the Apollo 13 Spaceflight?
Q9 Shay Given, Robbie Keane and Kevin Kilbane are 3 of the 5 Irish Footballers to won over 100 Caps. Name one of the other 2 ?
Q10 The coins of which country are inscribed with the word ‘Helvetia’?

Question 30 Who is it ?
12pts I was born in Europe in 1959
11pts I am still alive, active and prominent in a branch of their field
10pts I am the oldest of 2 brothers , my father was a military man when I was little
9pts My family moved to Douglastown USA in 1963
8pts I have been married twice and I have 6 children
7pts Between 1980 & 1985 I was number 1 in the world on 14 separate occasions
6pts Now semi- retired, I make my main living working in the media
5pts 5’11” tall & left handed, I play guitar for his own amusement
4pts I was 3 times world champion in my sport & won many major titles
3pts Famous for my will to win & fiery temperament
2pts You cannot be serious
1pt Initials = J P M

Quiz 38 - Answers

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