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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 40 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round 1 - General Knowledge questions.

1       RANDOM ADVICE (anagram of a person who is often in the news)


2       (Easy one to start you off) in 1956 In which town was the Flying Scotsman locomotive manufactured


3       Which merchant bank collapsed in February 1995


4       Which city hosted the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest


5       Which credit card advertised itself as your flexible friend


6       Where are the headquarters of the World Health Organisation


7       Who was the Roman god of the sea


8       What traditional dark ale is said to derive from its consumption by early 1700s doormen and bag-carrying street workers


9       What is the most common breed of dog used by shepherds


10    Which fifties singer was billed as the girl with the giggle in her voice


11    Where in the body is the thyroid gland


12    What was the name of the woman in the Australian dingo baby case


13    What was Play Your Cards right called in the USA


14    What is a female crab called


15    Who was known as The Lady of the Lamp


16    What is the chemical symbol for mercury


17    What would a Brolliologist collect


18    Which organisation claims to be the fourth emergency service


19    Where on the body would you find the columella


20    In the nineteen twenties what were Oxford bags



21    Which European city is known as The Bride of the Sea


22    What is the newest capital city in Europe (by newest I mean been the capital the shortest time)


23    Indo-China is the old name of which country


24    Which European capital stands on the river Spree


25    The ancient city of Pompeii lies at the foot of which volcano


26    What is the largest island in Europe


27    What lake is the largest body of fresh water in the world


28    What's the name for the geographical dividing line between North and South Korea


29    What is the capital of Iraq


30    Name the five sea areas of the British Isles that share their names with rivers (point for each one)



31    What is the name of the Picasso painting that has just been sold for a world record price at auction (May 2015)


32    Who succeeded Churchill as prime minister in 1955


33    What is the title of the latest Mad Max film


34    Who originally recorded Blue Suede Shoes


35    Which English car company made the Alpine sports car


36    Who was the Greek god of the sea


37    In African cuisine what type of food is Fufu, we would usually eat it in the morning


38    What is the inscription on the obverse side of the Victoria Cross


39    In which British city is Barlinnie prison


40    CONCERTING ANALYST is a sporting anagram


Quiz 40 - Answers

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