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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 41 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.      In the commercial what was just enough to give your kids a treat

2.      Who played the part of Kelly in Kelly's Heroes

3.      Who had a number one in the seventies with Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

4.      Which tasty fish is also known as a smear dab

5.      What were the nicknames of the three Gloster Gladiators used in the defence of Malta

6.      How many pairs of ribs does an adult human have

7.      Who gave the name the Old Contemptibles to the British Army

8.      In golf what number iron is the club known as a wedge

9.      Which country did Paddington Bear come from

10.   Which openly gay group had a top ten hit in 1985 with I Feel Love

11.   What is the collective noun for lapwings

12.   Which country's National Airline is called GB Air

13.   What word links jacket, dance, and service

14.   How many pounds are there in an American hundredweight

15.   Which colonel was sacked in the Irangate armament scandal

16.   Which western gunslinger was shot dead in the Acme Saloon by John Selman

17.   How long does a rugby union match last

18.   What does U stand for in film classification

19.   Who wrote the piece of music called The Messiah

20.   Who were the first four former England test players to have umpired a test match (point for each)

21.   Which is the only species of snake that bears its young alive rather than laying eggs

22.   Which motor manufacturer make the commercial vehicle called the Ducato

23.   On which island is or was Akrotiri RAF base

24.   What is the only gem of animal origin

25.   On which F1 track is there a Bus Stop chicane

26.   Which now well known actress played one of Ken Barlow's girlfriends, Elaine Perkins in Coronation Street

27.   Who duetted with Marvin Gaye on The Onion Song

28.   What special name was given to the chalice used by Jesus Christ on the evening of the last supper

29.   King Edward the Eighth gave up his throne to marry which American divorcee

30.   In a medieval castle what was kept in the buttery

Round 2.
WHOSE WHO by what name do we now know the people who were born with the following names

1       Funny man Russell Roberts

2       Actor Maurice Micklewight

3       Singer Damon Gough

4       No clue with this one Robert Craig

5       Sixties singer William Howard Ashton

6       Actor Spangler Arlington Brough

7       Singer Vincent Furnier

8       Politician and Thief Jan Ludvik Hoch

9       Actress Barbara Deeks

10    Singer and part of a duo Tom Graph


Quiz 41 - Answers

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