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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 42 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge


1       NOTE DARN HUGE GOBBY LIARS (Two former world leaders)


2       Which county cricket side play at Trent Bridge


3       What is the main food of the osprey


4       Which band released a 2007 album entitled Favourite Worst Nightmare


5       In which sixties TV series did Ed Byrnes play Kookie


6       At what price were Royal Mail shares offered when they were first launched on the London stock market in October 2013


7       Which former capital of Morocco gave its name to a type of headgear


8       Who discovered Botany Bay


9       What does the cockney rhyming slang lousy brown mean


10    In medicine what do the letters HRT stand for


11    What is the collective noun for rhinoceros


12    In which soap could you have found Matron Sloane


13    Which Italian liqueur is flavoured with almonds and apricots


14    What is the only member of the cat family that cannot retract its claws


15    Complete the proverb "A good beginning"


16    Which is the oldest club in the Football League, founded in 1862


17    Which British aircraft manufacturer built the Beaufighter


18    What is the state capital of Missouri


19    What are the ridges across a guitar's fingerboard called


20    What is the name of the summer camp in the Friday the Thirteenth films


21    Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Super Rocket


22    What does the letter W score in Scrabble


23    Cat Stevens, Sandie Shaw and Boyzone have all recorded which song


24    What is the name of the mythical Scottish town that appears every one hundred years


25    In what year did the Mayflower sail with the Pilgrim Fathers to America


26    1664 A good year for beer was a slogan used when advertising what drink


27    Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire, England, is famous for which annual event


28    From which country does the food brand Nestlé originate


29    In which street is London's Tin Pan Alley


30    The A1 is the longest trunk road in the British Isles which two cities does it connect


Round 2. ISLANDS

31    Brechou and Jethou are islands in which group


32    Britain ceded Heligoland to Germany in exchange for which island


33    Easter Island belongs to which country


34    In what island group is Corregidor


35    In which group of Mediterranean islands are Formantera and Cabrera


36    In which river are the Thousand Islands


37    Malta is made up of three inhabited islands, Malta and Gozo are two what is the other one called


38    New Zealand is a series of islands the two largest being North and South what is the third largest called


39    On which West Indian island would you find the Blue Mountains


40    The island of Bahrain is connected by a causeway to which country




Quiz 42 - Answers

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