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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 44 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round 1 - General Knowledge questions.

1       KEN UNREAL YELLOW OVAL (anagram of a well known song)


2       The actor George C Scott - what does the C stand for


3       In France Pate De Grives a la Provencal is made from which birds


4       Which hardy breed of beef cattle have red bodies and red and white head markings


5       What type of sport is Glima


6       Driver, spanker, lateen and Genoa are examples of what


7       In which American state was the hero Davy Crocket killed


8       In the story of the Three Little Pigs what did the second pig build his house with


9       Merton Favourite, Gran and Bigarreau Napoleon are varieties of which fruit


10    What is the official language of Brazil


11    Who played Matthew Rose in Eastenders


12    In which country was the Austin Kimberley built


13    How many readings does an act of Parliament have in the House of Commons before being given Royal assent


14    Which famous person in his will left his wife his second best bed


15    In the Monty Python sketch who bought the dead parrot and who was the pet shop dealer who sold it to him


16    What drink is added to vodka to make a Cosmopolitan cocktail


17    What is a female seahorse called


18    Who were the two brothers who founded Methodism


19    You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France is a quote from which 1994 film


20    Who was the first member of the Royal Family of Windsor to divorce


21    Which creature gets its name from the Spanish for lizard


22    In the nursery rhyme Cock Robin which creature made Cock Robin's shroud


23    Known as the Rio Grande in the USA, what is it called in Mexico


24    At which football ground did the last European Cup Winners Cup Final take place


25    Which married couple presented On Safari in the fifties


26    What is the collective noun for snowmen


27    In the language of flowers what flower stands for faithfulness


28    What is the third sign of the Zodiac


29    What warlike vehicle was invented to circumvent trench warfare


30    Alan Shepard was America's first man in space but did he ever set foot on the moon



31    Which British duo had a number two in 1965 with True Love Ways


32    What nationality is the operatic soprano Kirsten Flagstad


33    Which Kinks hit was covered by American group Van Halen


34    Spice Girl Mel C joined which artist on the hit When You're Gone


35    Which Presley film includes the song There's no Room to Rumba in a Sports Car


36    Who was the bassist with The Jam


37    On which instrument is Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith played


38    Who is the lead singer with Green Day


39    From which musical does the song You Were Meant For Me come


40    Which one hit wonder had a top ten in 1985 with Tarzan Boy


Quiz 44 - Answers

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