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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 46 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round 1 - General Knowledge questions.

1       HAS TO PILFER (anagram the answer is in the clue)


2       Which talent show gave Peters and Lee to the world


3       Which colour forms the background of the Turkish flag


4       If a Scot has been greetin' what has he been doing


5       In which Austrian city, home of Mozart, has an annual music festival been held since 1920


6       In American football what is the scoring area of the field called


7       Who is the voice behind the Panda in Kung Fu Panda


8       Calpurnia was the third wife of which Roman emperor


9       What does the abbreviation UNESCO stand for


10    Which motor car manufacturer made the Zephyr in the sixties


11    What type of animal is a grysbok


12    Which British entertainer was arrested in the U.S.A. For committing lewd acts in a men's toilet


13    What were the christian names of the Farnon Brothers in all Creatures Great and Small


14    Which American resort is sometimes called The Green Felt Jungle


15    In which country was the windmill invented


16    What is Jeremy Beadle cockney rhyming slang for


17    What nationality was the composer Felix Mendelssohn


18    Which sea area covers the coastline from Scarborough to Great Yarmouth


19    What would a Scotsman do with his spurtle


20    The port side of a ship is the left side, what was it called before being changed in 1844


21    Which wife of one of the Beatles wrote the book Grapefruit


22    Where did the Ayatollah Khomeini spend 14 years in exile prior to the downfall of the Shah


23    Who had a hit in 1999 with That Don't Impress Me Much


24    What is the more common name for a five pointed echinoderm


25    On which UK motorway would you Ferrybridge Services


26    In computing terms what does CAD mean


27    Which American state has the smallest population


28    Who was the first man to captain England at football while with a Scottish club


29    Which ventriloquist had dummies called Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy


30    Which sporting contest begins with the words en garde



31    The research laboratories of Porton Down are near which cathedral city


32    What is the inlet of the Irish Sea that separates Dumfries and Galloway from Cumbria called


33    Where in Northamptonshire is the ancestral home of George Washington


34    In which county is the RAF officer training centre Cranwell


35    South and North Ronaldsay are in which island group


36    What is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London


37    On which river is the English town of Lincoln


38    Berkeley Castle is unusual in that it is in two colours one of which is grey what is the other colour


39    The Mumbles Mile is a famous pub crawl in which British city


40    The Runcorn bridge spans which English river


Quiz 46 - Answers

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