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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 47 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       RADICAL SHINE (seen on TV)


2       Which British group had a top ten hit in 1974 with The Air That I Breathe


3       What type of creature is a sidewinder


4       Who was Henry Cooper's manager throughout his career


5       Americans call it a faucet what would we call it


6       According to the TV advert which capital city is the home to Carlsberg Lager


7       In which Scottish county is Balmoral


8       Which day follows Shrove Tuesday


9       For what culinary purpose is a forcing bag used


10    Which Norse god sacrificed an eye to gain wisdom


11    What name is given to a male opossum


12    What is the name of the tool which is used for tightening and loosening the neck around a drill bit


13    What was the name of the long distance maritime patrol aeroplane developed from the Avro Lincoln which remained in service with the RAF until 1990


14    In which ocean are The Philippines


15    Which football league side was once known as Saint Domingo FC


16    What was the name of Desmond Dekker's backing group on Israelites


17    What is the collective noun for woodcocks


18    What famous address is located at postcode SW1A 2AA


19    What type of furniture is a ladder-back


20    What is the correct name for the breastbone


21    Bedford Fillbasket, Bedford Winter and Citadel are varieties of which vegetable


22    By what name did actor Harvey Lee Yeary 11 become known


23    What is Pedophobia the fear of


24    Which European city has the lowest road accident rate in Europe


25    Why did Alexander Graham Bell, never telephone his wife or mother


26    Which country has a train known as The Bullet Train


27    Who wrote Ivanhoe


28    What name have the media given to the new breed of woman who hates housework and prefers to drink pints down the pub


29    As India is now busy changing the names of their cities what was the former name of Bengaluru


30    What do citronella candles smell of



31    What were the first names of Starsky and Hutch


32    Who played the part of Henry Crabbe in the TV series Pie In The Sky


33    In which American police TV series do the characters Lilly Rush, Scotty Valens and Nicjk Vera appear


34    Which two actors have played John Rebus in the TV series


35    Which TV detective called people 'Pussycat'


36    Who writes the books that the TV series character Vera are based on


37    In which cop series did Phil Collins appear as Phil the Shill


38    In the Midsomer Murders series what is the name of Barnaby's daughter


39    What is the name of the fictional diabetic detective from Ystad


40    Superintendent Mullet played by Bruce Alexander was the boss of which TV detective



Quiz 47 - Answers

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