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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 49 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       Who won the 2014 series of Britain's Got Talent


2       In which battle did Henry V beat the much larger French army in 1415


3       Who was the subject of the Carry On film Carry on Dick


4       What was the name of Herb Alpert's backing group


5       What are the young of bats called


6       What is the German equivalent to an Earl


7       What is the state capital of Alaska


8       What does the P and O stand for in the P and O line


9       What is the name of Gandalf's horse in the Lord of the Rings series of stories


10    Who had a number one in the fifties with Dream Lover


11    What colours are the flowers of forsythia


12    In 2014 who became the oldest person to be identified using DNA analysis


13    On which motorway would you find Charnock Richard services


14    Americans call it a billfold what would we call it


15    The Karnak Temple complex, dating back to the ancient city of Thebes, is in which country


16    From the milk of which animal is ricotta cheese made


17    Who had a UK and US hit single with 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' in 1973


18    If a creature is said to be arboreal where would it spend most of its time


19    A regatta is a boat race, where was the original regatta


20    By what name to we know Stefani Germanotta


21    Which company first used the slogan Think outside the box


22    Which aircraft company manufactured the Viggen jet fighter


23    What animal is the symbol of the American Republican Party


24    Which not uncommon viral infection is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus


25    What word links these: busy, honey, keeper


26    Which country composed of islands was declared a republic in 1987


27    What instrument did Orpheus play to charm creatures, rivers, and Hades in the Underworld


28    What is the nickname of Grimsby Town FC


29    What would a mandolin be used for in cookery


30    Ambrosia, Marigold and Saint Everard are varieties of which fruit



31    How tall in feet are the letters of the famous Hollywood sign


32    How wide in feet is a hockey goal


33    What is the smallest unit of weight in the Avoirdupois system


34    How many yards is the penalty spot from the centre of the goal in a game of soccer


35    How much does a litre of water weigh


36    To the nearest mile how long is the Panama Canal


37    How high must a building be to be classed as a skyscraper (in feet)


38    How high in inches are the hurdles in the high hurdles


39    What kind of baths are recommended to be two and a half inches deep


40    How long in inches is a standard pencil before it is sharpened



Quiz 49 - Answers

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