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Quiz 51 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Jus one Round - General Knowledge questions.

1       GENUINE CLASS is an anagram of which British actor

2       Which comedy duo made a series of films in the fifties where they met Captain Kidd, Frankenstein, and Jekyll and Hyde among others

3       What was the name of the United States space shuttle that exploded on take-off in 1986

4       What is the longest river in Yorkshire

5       Who had a number one in the nineties with Nothing Compares 2 U

6       Who was the Australian batsman who was killed in November 2014 after being hit on the neck with the ball

7       Who is the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Poseidon

8       What cleaning product was advertised as "Cleans like a white tornado"

9       In what year was Mount Everest first climbed

10    Who was the English novelist born in 1660 wrote Robinson Crusoe

11    In which city are the headquarters of Yorkshire Television

12    From which country does the wine Mateus Rose come

13    Manfred Mann has had a number one with The Mighty Quinn but who wrote it

14    What South American river shares its name with a mythical race of female warriors

15    Which aircraft company made the Stuka dive bomber

16    Which type of headgear do you associate with Pablo Picasso

17    What colour are the stars on the United States of America flag

18    What is the medical name for the shinbone

19    What would an American call a post mortem

20    I BEND SMALL ZEALOUS GANG is an anagram of a job

21    Who plays the part of Chief Superintendent Innocent in the TV series Lewis

22    How is a battle site represented on an Ordnance Survey map

23    Which French guest on Desert Island Discs when asked what her choice luxury item would be to take with her was thought to have said a penis

24    What is the biggest selling confectionery in Britain

25    What does the musical term piano mean

26    What was the record breaking score in the Germany-Brazil semi- final game at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

27    What is the capital of Afghanistan

28    Which wild animal found in Britain is quicker running uphill than downhill

29    Where in London does the Archbishop of Canterbury live

30    Which Ellie Goulding song which was also used as a theme for a film became number one in the UK on Valentine´s  Day 2015

31    Where would an Eskimo wear his mukluks

32    In heraldry what colour is vert

33    Which bank did rogue trader Nick Leeson work for

34    What is the metal tag on a shoelace called

35    Which European country was invaded by Russian tanks and troops in 1956

36    Who was the American dentist who recently caused a furore by killing a lion called Cecil with a crossbow

37    What is campanology the art of

38    What was Nell Gwynne selling (apart from her virtue) when she was first seen by Charles 11

39    Which human invention was the first to travel faster than sound

40    Which five elements in the periodic table contain only 4 letters in their name (point for each)

Quiz 51 - Answers

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