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Pub Quiz
57 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Jim Ackroyd  Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1. Which is the largest bird of these two, Swift or Swallow?
2. Who was Barnsley Football Club's manager between 1970 and 1982?
3. Who played the part of the city banker, Andy Defresne, who was wrongly imprisoned in the film, The Shawshank Redemption?
4. The ancient Egyptians paid their workers in part Cash. Today we associate the word 'cash' to mean money but what was 'Cash' in ancient Egypt?
5. What commodity was mined in the Austrian city of Salzburg?
6. What article of clothing is a Homburg?
7. Which wife of a poet wrote the book, 'Frankenstein'?
8. What nickname did the Americans give to the girl who broadcast to them on Japanese Radio?
9. Who were the first winners of crickets Gillette Cup in 1963?
10. Which pop group, popular in the 70's & 80's were led by Ray Sawyer?
11. How was Jan Ludvic Hock better known who mysteriously died in 1991?
12. What nationality were the composers Engelbert Humberdinck, Richard Strauss and Johan Sebastian Bach?
13. In Roman numerous, how would the next King Henry be written down?
14. Whose hits of the 70's included. 'Every Thing is Beautiful' and 'Misty'?
15. Up to 1875 in football, every time a goal was scored what did the players do?
16. If you were in Central Manhattan, New York on 5th Ave, between 32nd Street and 34th Street you would be outside which building?
17. Which monarch ordered the beheading of Mary Stewart in 1587?
18. How many Nobel Prizes are awarded annually?
19. Which pop group of the 90's were made up of John Hendry, Tony Mortimer, Brian Harvey and Terry Caldwell?
20. From which sport does the expression 'To keep tabs on' come?
21. Which King turned everything he touched to Gold?
22. From the 1970's which song and artist 'Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river, Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea, You lay your bets and then you pay the price'?
23. Who did Everton FC beat in the Final of the 1985 European Cup Winners Cup?
24. My Fair Lady was a musical version of which play?
25. What is the No.1 Chemical Element on the Periodic Table
26. What character was played by Honor Blackman in 'The Avengers'
27. n the Bible, who's wife was turned into a pillar of salt?
28. Released in February 2002, which film included the actors Clive Owen, Kelly McDonald and Helen Mirren?
29. Apple's first portable digital music player was available from November 2001, but what was it called?
30. Who was the first Spice Girl to have a solo chart single?

Round 2. Cryptic Birds

1. Very Blustery Evening?
2. Eating Action?
3. This name could be given to William the Barber?
4. Shell Seizer?
5. He could have been the wizard?
6. Greedy Person?
7. Street or room decoration?
8. Babies Mouth Infection?
9. These tunnel underground?
10. Mrs Ross' son, Albert?

Quiz 57 - Answers

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