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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 61 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

1.       ALAS, I NOBBLE ANY BENT IDIOTIC GUY (anagram, used to be seen on the Highstreet)


2.      What is the plural of mongoose


3.      Which DJ hosted the Golden Oldie Picture Show


4.      With which American group is Dusty Hill the lead vocalist


5.      What is the most popular name for a dog in the U.S. according to Harper's Index Book


6.      Who won Britain's first gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games


7.      Which opera singer advertised Kenco Coffee and Renault cars


8.      In Arthurian legend, who fought the Green Night


9.      Complete the proverb, God helps those


10.   J H Robertson invented what boon to car drivers


11.    With how many countries does Brazil have a border


12.   Who said when commentating on a snooker match, "That's inches away from being millimetre perfect


13.   Who had a number one in the sixties with Green Green Grass Of Home


14.   Who were the formidable first-choice Arsenal full-backs throughout the 1990s


15.   What is cellophane made from


16.   In the language of flowers/fruit what fruit stands for remorse


17.   Of what is Ailurophobia the irrational fear


18.   Which river in the USA has been described as too thick to drink too thin to plough


19.   In whose fireplace was Mary Whitehouse´s book Cleaning Up TV seen burning after she had complained about the content of the sitcom


20.  In Polish cuisine what type of food are kabanos


21.   In which Puccini opera does Scarpia appear


22.  What is the collective noun for sardines


23.  In which Dickens novel does Pip meet a convict


24.  In open court, how should one correctly address a County Court Judge


25.  The Duke of Norfolk's emblem is seen mainly now as a pub sign, what was it


26.  By what name did singer Harold Lloyd Jenkins become famous


27.  The flower Sweet William is named after the Duke of Cumberland, what do the Scots call it


28.  What type of creature is a souslik


29.  What is the dark brown food paste made from yeast extract called in Australia


30.  What is the road bed of a railway called



31.   Who was the first woman prime minister of Pakistan


32.  Who was George W Bush's first Defence Secretary


33.  What title was dubbed on David Mellor after he admitted having an affair with an actress


34.  Of which country was Sir Sidney Holland the Prime Minister from 1948 until 1957


35.  Which American president was a bachelor


36.  What title did Anthony Eden assume when he was made an Earl


37.  Who was the leader of the Nationalist Congress party of India who was imprisoned by the British nine times


38.  To which political party did The Kennedy's belong


39.  With which political party was the landlord of The Golden Lion hotel in Ashburton connected


40.  How old was Konrad Adenauer when he resigned as West German Chancellor in 1963


Quiz 61 - Answers

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