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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 68 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1       Who is sometimes known as the Scottish Robin Hood


2       In The Wizard of Oz what did the Tinman want


3       Ben Connan, Ben Avon and Ben Gairn are all types of which fruit


4       What was the name of King Arthur's mother


5       What is the main item in a badger's diet


6       Which was the first county cricket side to go through a season undefeated


7       Which British motor manufacturer used to make the Husky


8       Where is the divorce capital of Nevada


9       Whose husbands were Alexander McCorquodale and then his cousin Hugh


10    Which union did John Prescott work full time for before becoming an MP


11    What colour flame does mercury burn with


12    In American CB jargon what was a Thermos Bottle


13    Until the 15th century, which basic beer ingredient was not added to ale


14    Which town did heavy metal group Black Sabbath come from


15    Which City's Bishop signs his name as Lindum


16    What is the nickname of Burton Albion


17    In United States history what is known as Seward's Folly


18    What is the name of the fruit of the beech tree which is used as pig food


19    Who succeeded Elizabeth 1


20    What was the name of the first spacecraft to land on Mars


21    Who has often been credited as the first person to draw plans for a helicopter


22    According to the Guinness Book of Records, what was the biggest gift in the world


23    What is the meaning of the postal abbreviation CP


24    The computer file format .wav is conventionally used for what


25    What is the collective noun for Bustards


26    Which Scottish actor played Doctor Gibbon in the TV series The Singing Detective


27    Who had a UK number one in 2002 with Crossroads


28    Complete the proverb, advice most needed


29    Which islands are serviced by a car ferry from Thurso in Scotland


30    What type of weapon is an assegai



31    How many millionaires were aboard the ill-fated Titanic


32    At which London underground station did a crash kill 35 people when the train ran into the buffers


33    What was the name of the Alton Towers ride that failed with disastrous results in 2015


34    Since records began which country has suffered the most earthquakes


35    Which famous ship was damaged by fire in May 2007 while undergoing restoration at Greenwich in London


36    Which London palace was destroyed by fire in 1936


37    What was the name of the chemical plant responsible for the Bhopal disaster


38    Where did 21 cockle pickers lose their lives in 2004


39    What was the name of the dredger that sank the pleasure boat The Marchioness in the Thames


40    What caused the fire at York Minster in July 1984



Quiz 68 - Answers

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