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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 71 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers



1        What is the name of Donald Duck's girlfriend


2       What is the highest ranking suit in bridge


3       Who appeared in the TV series Callan, Target and Special Branch


4       In which book do the catchphrases 'messing about in boats' and 'poop, poop' feature


5       Which drink was advertised with the slogan milk from contented cows


6       What was Mrs Bucket's christian name in Keeping up Appearances


7       Which hill overlooks Regent's Park to the north


8       Who had a number one in 2006 with Smile


9       Which British prime minister was known as the Great Commoner


10     STUN THE CHORES (anagram)


11      What was the name of the musical about Franz Schubert's life and work


12     Which Scottish League football team is nicknamed the Jags


13     Who was the first member of the Coronation Street cast to be awarded an O.B.E.


14     What was singer Dana's real name


15     In the Charles Dickens' novel "Martin Chuzzlewit", who ran The Blue Dragon Inn


16     Which product was being advertised by the slogan They grow on you


17     What was the name of the shepherd in Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd


18     Which character in the Beano was billed as the Strongman's Daughter


19     What is the name of the cow in The Woodentops


20    What is the name of the baby in the Popeye cartoons


Round 2. Around the World


1        What is the main mountain chain of South America called


2       Which is the oldest city in Germany, having been founded in 38 BC by the Romans


3       On what river is the Italian city of Milan


4      How many African countries have the word Guinea in their name


5       What is the name of the country found between France and Spain high in the Pyrenees


6       In which country did the Boxer rebellion take place


7       In which country is the ski resort of Sapporo


8       What was the former name of Tanzania


9       There are 193 member states of the U.N. which 3 begin with J


10    What is the short name that applies to the goldmining area near Johannesburg


11     What is the nickname given to Tasmania by Australians


12    In which South American country is Lake Poopo


13    What is the capital of Martinique


14    Which European country has the most volcanoes


15    Which Scandinavian country extends the furthest north


16    Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand


17    What is the second largest city and chief port of Iraq


18    In which country is the Magnetic North Pole


19    Cartagena is the principle oil port in which South American country


20   How many landlocked countries are there in the world



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