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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 12 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull Answers

Round 1



1.     What is the yellow solid element with the chemical symbol S


2.     In which film did Clint Eastwood play a big game hunter called John Wilson


3.     Bushy Grove and Proctor's Seedling are varieties of which fruit


4.     In Norse mythology what type of animal is Fenrir


5.     What are the largest and most colourful species of the parrot family


6.     What did the initials WG stand for in cricketer WG Grace's name


7.     Which model of car made by Ford was named after the Spanish word for a saw


8.     What is the name of the governing body for dog breeds and pedigrees


9.     What is the poisonous alkaloid H14 N2 that is consumed daily by millions


10.  The Greeks, they say, have a word for it, but what do they call their own country


11.  In the theatre what is a scruto


12.  Along with corn flakes which cereal was exported by Kellogg's to the UK in 1922


13.  What are Dominican Monks also known as


14.  Which modern country was once known as Cambria


15.  What animal was Justin Timberlake dressed up as on Top Of The Pops in 2003


16.  Which artist's biography was titled The Fake's Progress


17.  Who was the second Doctor Who


18.  What name is given in the USA to a bicoloured domestic cat with a black and white coat


19.  In medieval Spain which city was noted for its high quality steel


20.  In modern archery what are the arrows usually made from


21.  What was the name of the former East German Secret Police


22.  What does ASBO stand for


23.  What word links these: centre, certificate, record


24.  What is the capital of Azerbaijan


25.  When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated what play had he been watching


26.  If a ship is showing the flag for the letter V what does it mean


27.  An American would call it a grab bag, what would we call it


28.  On the red, white and blue London underground signs what colour is the word underground


29.  Which doll is the oldest Barbie or Sindy


30.  In the World Chicken Flying Championships in 1977 how far did the winning chicken fly (in feet to the nearest five)



31.  What animal was Justin Timberlake dressed up as on Top Of The Pops in 2003


32.  Which male singer has made more 'Top of The Pops' appearances than anyone else in the history of the show


33.  Which of her hits was performed by Dusty Springfield on the first edition of Top of The Pops


34.  Which punk band having heard that they were expected to trash their Top of the Pops dressing room gave it a good spring clean instead


35.  In what year did Top of the Pops begin


36.  Which Top of The Pops presenter also hosted the fashion show She's Got To Have It


37.  Which Led Zeppelin recording was used as one of the themes for Top Of The Pops


38.  Whose large photo was famously shown on Top of The Pops when Dexy's Midnight Runners were playing Jackie Wilson Said


39.  Which dance troupe who became a regular feature of Top of the Pops originally took over from The Go-Jo's in 1968


40.  Who hosted the first edition of Top of the Pops


Quiz 12 - Answers

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