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Pub Quiz 14 - Questions - Written by Jim Ackroyd

Written by Jim Ackroyd - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1. Who became president of the Philippines in February 1986?
2. Which novelist wrote 'The Guns of Vavarone?
3. Who was born first Bob Hope or Bing Crosby?
4. Which country's intelligence agency is called Mossad?
5. In what country is 'The road to Mandalay'?
6. How many O's are in a standard game of scrabble?
7. In which state is Las Vegas?
8. What is kept in a binnacle (on a ship)?
9. In which ocean is the Java Trench?
10. Which tennis player was stabbed during a tournament in Hamburg in 1993?
11. Who is actress Joely Richardson's famous mother?
12. Which of, Charles Dickens novels, is set during the French Revolution?
13. In what 2003 film did comic actor 'Mike Myers' star?
14. What is phobophobia?
15. What name is given to inhabitants of The Orkney Islands?
16. Which ocean and sea are connected by the Caledonian Canal?
17. Which Pope was shot in 1981?
18. In computer parlance, how many bytes are there in a kilobyte?
19. Which sport plays in the annual 'Superbowl'?
20. Within which continent would you find no capital cities?
21. The constellation 'Cygnus' is commonly known as what?
22. How many different wives did actor Richard Burton have during his life?
23. Which TV pathologist spent a lot of his time in 'Danny's Bar?
24. In which year did Cape Canaveral become Cape Kennedy?
25. In the nursery rhyme, 'Polly puts the kettle on' but who took it off?

Round 2 - TV and Film

  1. How were Leonard, Arthur, Julius, and Herbert better known together in films?

  2. In which 1968 film, based on an Ian Fleming book, is the main female character called 'Truly Scrumptious'?

  3. Who plays Hagrid in the Harry Potter films?

  4. Which car was used as a time machine in the 'Back to the Future' films?

  5. "They Call Me Mister Tibbs" is the sequel to which film?

  6. Which two US presidents has Anthony Hopkins played in film?

  7. For which film did Bryan Adams write "(Everything I do) I do it for you"?

  8. In John Carpenter's film (and Stephen King's novel) 'Christine', who or what was Christine?

  9. In the film "Summer Holiday" with Cliff Richard, where do they drive their bus to?

  10. Which Bob Dylan song was written for the film 'Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid'?

  11. Which Canadian actor who first starred in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' has a Hawaiian first name which means 'the coldness'?

  12. Which film director married Ingrid Bergman in 1950?

  13. What is the name of the scientist who produces James Bond's gadgets?

  14. Melvin Kaminsky is married to Anna Maria Italiano. Who are they better known as?

  15. What age is dawning in 'Hair'?


Quiz 14 - Answers

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