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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 2 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull Answers

Round 1


1       ENSURES QUOTA (anagram of a place in London)


2       In which film did Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall in love via the Internet


3       What flavouring is added to brandy and egg yolks to make advocaat


4       Which song was a hit for Anne Murray in the seventies and Boyzone in the nineties


5       In Greek mythology who placed Callisto in the heavens as the constellation of Ursa Major


6       Weka, cassowary and snoring rail are birds which do not do what


7       Which British aircraft company made the twin engined Buccaneer jet bomber


8       Which American president allegedly was born in a log cabin in 1809


9       Which country's flag used to be just a green rectangle


10    What is sodium sesquicarbonate used for in the home


11    Where would you find the Marsh of Decay and the Marsh of Sleep


12    What is the name of the high school in the TV series Glee


13    By what name is the foodstuff lactobacillus bulgaris more commonly known


14    On which island was Freddy Mercury born


15    Stephen Island's Wren has the shortest interval from being discovered to going extinct, what happened to cause the extinction


16    Who is the patron saint of The Czech Republic


17    In which battle did the Sioux defeat General Custer (his last stand)


18    Since the Norman invasion who is the only king of England never to have married


19    Which country celebrates Victoria Day every May


20    The Bernstein and Sondheim song Somewhere was written for which musical


21    Of what is Dendrophobia the unreasonable fear of


22    Which country disintegrated following the outbreak of civil war in 1992


23    What bay does the Golden Gate Strait lead into


24    Which conveyance was first seen on the streets of London in 1861


25    By what name did we come to know actor Walter Williams


26    What is the collective noun for groundhogs


27    What number on the Beaufort Scale describes the wind as near gale


28    Which planet in the Solar System is closest in size to Earth


29    What is the name of the great palace in Granada Spain, built by the Moors in the 13th century


30    Which historical event is depicted on the Bayeux tapestry



31    In which game are the terms cannon, peg-out and triple peel used


32    In which sport can you suffer a wipe out


33    In which sport are the officials nicknamed zebras


34    In what sport would you hear bacon, hamburgers, chips, prunes, and spuds used


35    Boss, flex, and vane are terms used in which sport


36    In the game of quoits what is the word for a quoit that circles the pin


37    What ancient sport gave us the phrase "turning point"


38    What sport are the terms crumb gatherers, followers, rovers and wings used


39    What are large snow bumps known as in skiing terms


40    Bump, hook, neck shot and wraps are all terms used in which sport


Quiz 2 - Answers

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