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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 3 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.     What part was played in Star Trek by De Forrest Kelly


2.     What is the highest mountain in England


3.     Seen on fuel pumps all over the country but what does DERV stand for


4.     In what country did the samba originate


5.     What is the most popular soup sold in this country


6.     On whose books are the Inspector Morse series based


7.     In which country did the battle of Waterloo take place


8.     Who had a number one on 2003 with Where Is The Love


9.     What is Britain's oldest cathedral


10.  Which profession could be described as tonsorial artists


11.  How many tiles are there in a game of Scrabble


12.  Which toothpaste was advertised as you'll wonder where the yellow went


13.  In a medieval castle what name was given to the iron gate that was lifted vertically to allow entry


14.  Which space shuttle exploded in 2003


15.  What word links hole, pie and post


16.  What are Swiss francs divided into


17.  Which James Bond film shared it's name with a variety of banana


18.  What colour was the second British penny stamp


19.  Where does the word fan, meaning enthusiast come from


20.  What is the state capital of Western Australia


21.  What was the first make of paper hankie to go on general sale (1924)


22.  Who designed the Spitfire


23.  Who was the first none British Isles born player to captain an English F.A. Cup winning side


24.  In which country did budgerigars originate


25.  Who was the mythological king who turned everything he touched to gold


26.  In which country was the world's largest ever gold nugget found


27.  Which Briton broke the world triple jump record in 1995


28.  Pure gold is said to be how many carats


29.  What is the medical name for the small tube protruding from the large intestine


30.  Fourchettes and quirks are part of which item of clothing



1.     Which film star's name was used by Alf Garnett as a derogatory name for his son in law


2.     In which 2001 film did Ben Stiller play a male model


3.     Which 1960's TV series featured three secret agents endowed with special powers by Tibetan monks


4.     Who was the first woman sports presenter on independent TV


5.     In the Thomas the Tank Engine stories what is the tractor called


6.     Gemini Force One is a 21st century extension of what secretive organization


7.     What part did Sid James play in Carry On Up The Khyber


8.     In which film would you find a ship called Mjolnir


9.     Which was the first British sitcom to win the best comedy prize at the Golden Globe awards


10.  Who was the female presenter of The Priory



Quiz 3 - Answers

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