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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 5 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.      What was the former name of the Snickers chocolate bar


2.      In which country were outlaws called bushrangers


3.      Complete the title of John Gray’s book Men are From Mars Women are From


4.      Who sang the theme song from the Bond film Thunderball


5.      In the Christian calendar what is the first day of Holy Week


6.      In Dallas what was the name of J.R.’s son


7.      What is the main ingredient of glass


8.      What is the common name for the constellation Ursa Major


9.      Where do Northern Ireland play their home internationals


10.   Are icebergs fresh or salt water


11.   What date is Saint Andrew's day


12.   Which civic dignitary is next to the Mayor


13.   In what year did the E Type Jaguar come out


14.   What is brontophobia the fear of


15.   What are the christian names of Paula Yates’ four daughters


While you are thinking about those time for a pint

16.   From which animal do we get cat gut


17.   Who had a No 1 in the 80's with Too Many Broken Hearts


18.   How many official languages does Switzerland have


19.   In D.I.Y. what is M.D.F.


20.   What are stored in oast houses


21.   Game On, Babes in the Wood and Pie in the Sky, which actress was in all of them


22.   What are the only two American states with an X in their name


23.   What do the initials U.N.I.C.E.F. stand for


24.   What is the capital of Hungary


25.   What did Michael Lolito eat in Paris in 1978 at the Festival of Silly Records


26.   In which East End pub did Ronnie Kray shoot George Cornwell


27.   How was Saint Lawrence the patron saint of cooks killed


28.   According to Hans Christian Anderson how long does a mermaid live


29.   What is known as boob day in Spain


30.   Which TV comedy was voted the best of the 20th century



1       Which Sioux Indian chief appeared in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show


2       What did western gunfighter Doc Holiday die of


3       What did the Indians call a railway engine


4       How many ponies did the pony express use each week


5       What is a tepee


6       What was the name of the fort where Davy Crockett was killed


7       What nickname did the Indians give to General Custer


8       Who shot Billy the Kid at Fort Sumner in 1881


9       Of which Red Indian tribe was Crazy Horse a chief


10    What word is given to a Red Indian war axe



Quiz 5 - Answers

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