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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 6 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.     Which TV sitcom featured characters called Speed, Tucker and Wolfie


2.     Which World War Two aircraft was nicknamed the Stringbag


3.     What was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles favourite food


4.     Who had a number one in 2006 with Smile


5.     From which country do Moselle wines come


6.     Who was appointed chairman of British Leyland to try and save the company in 1977


7.     Which coloured group had a number one in the fifties with Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


8.     Who starred as Annie Porter in the two Speed films


9.     Which racecourse is near Lake Windermere in the Lake District


10. What was the first name of the murderer Doctor Crippen


11. Who is the patron saint of Jersey


12. What is the more common name for a ratel


13. What does the cockney rhyming slang Dicky Dirt or Uncle Bert mean


14. In Australia what is a ten ounce sandwich


15. In which TV series did Cheryl Ladd play Kris Munroe


16. From which song do these lyrics come ďAnd there's nothing there to remind me just the memory of your faceĒ


17. What type of animals are Large Whites, Gloucester Old Spots, and Saddlebacks


18. What French word for a monk's hood is used in English for a longish light weight anorak


19. What champion boxer promoted the lean mean grilling machine


20. Why is a colour sergeant so called


21. Which is the largest fresh water duck indigenous to England


22. Who is the father of actress Angelina Jolie


23. Which confectionery company advertised on TV with Donít Stop Me Now by Queen


24. What type of weapon is Sarin


25. Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Thunderbird


26. How was the Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov allegedly killed back in 1978


27. What is the practical purpose of a gargoyle


28. What is the only English anagram of the word HEDONISTS


29. From which musical does the song I Feel Pretty come


30. Who was boxer Barry McGuigan's manager



1.     Two piles of cards are placed on a Monopoly board, one is Chance what is the other


2.     What is the name of the Reverend in the game of Cluedo


3.     Which is the only Scrabble tile worth 5 points


4.     How many different coloured categories are covered in Trivial Pursuit


5.     How many beds are there on a shove halfpenny board


6.     Which card in a pack of cards is copyright


7.     How many numbers are there on a traditional bingo card


8.     Which card game features Mr Bun the Baker


9.     If you hit a blot before it makes a point what indoor game are you playing


10.  In which board game do you draw the meanings of a word



Quiz 6 - Answers

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