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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 7 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull Answers

Round 1

1.     Which sport takes its name from the French for 'hooked sticks


2.     What is popular fiction/drama featuring middle-class village life known as


3.     In the original Blues Brothers film who played the jilted fiancee


4.     What are Seville oranges mostly used to make


5.     What was the occupation of Janie Jones who was immortalised in song by The Clash


6.     What is the most common pet kept in the UK


7.     Complete the proverb "Birds of a feather"


8.     Who won the US Masters in April 2014 for the second time in three years


9.     Which capital city is served by Haneda Airport


10.  Whose face is on an American five dollar bill


11.  In which modern-day country would you find the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon


12.  The novel A Scandal in Bohemia features which fictional detective,


13.  What is the society EXIT concerned with


14.  Astrologically speaking, two of the fire signs are Leo and Aries. Which is the third


15.  On children's TV the cartoon series about Willy Fogg was based on which classic novel


16.  Pub names are often based on the arms of a London livery company or guild, what guild would the Three Tuns come from


17.  Why was country music legend Hank Williams fired from The Grand Ole Opry


18.  What is a whale's penis called


19.  On which of the lakes was Donald Campbell killed


20.  Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Black Shadow


21.  What title is reserved for the leader of the entire Ku Klux Klan


22.  Which sea area is north of Lundy


23.  Why is the left lung is smaller than the right lung


24.  Who wrote the poem The Highwayman


25.  Politically why was the Sinatra doctrine so called


26.  What sport is played by the Matabeleland Tuskers


27.  On which UK motorway would you find] Clacket Lane service station


28.  Which queen gave her name to the capital of Hong Kong


29.  Which metallic element shares its name with a slang word for an American coin


30.  Who was the home secretary as of March 2015



31.  Weighing over 3,700 tonnes and completed in 1983, it was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth 11 in May 1984


32.  Which company launched the Walkman in 1980


33.  Which prime time game show was axed in 1987 after a nine year run


34.  Made from two or three layers of coloured sponge, which cake was voted English Cake of the Year in 1986


35.  Which Churchman was awarded the Nobel peace Prize in 1984


36.  In 1987 in which European country did a heatwave kill over a thousand people


37.  Which British jockey rode his one thousandth winner in 1989


38.  Which group had a number one album in 1982 with The Lexicon Of Love


39.  Who stripped down to white boxer shorts in a Levi's commercial in 1985


40.  In which 1984 film did Johnny Depp make his debut film appearance


Quiz 7 - Answers

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