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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 8 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull Answers

Round 1

1       OFTEN CAB HUMOUR (sporting anagram)


2       Who was the lead singer for Lovin' Spoonful on their hits Summer In The City and Daydream


3       What innovation was added to motor cars in 1898


4       What is the state capital of New York


5       Which mixed drink is known as 'The Queen of Drinks'


6       Which star with a much copied hairstyle starred opposite Alan Ladd in the film The Blue Dahlia


7       Pd is the chemical symbol for which element


8       In place names such as Motherwell what does well mean


9       What is the date of the custom known as Ladies Privilege when women were allowed to propose to men


10    What does the cockney rhyming slang Barnet mean


11    What does AWOL stand for


12    What colour is the dye tyrian


13    Although many people believe it to be octopi, what is the only correct plural of octopus, other than octopuses


14    What is the natural lifespan of a turkey that evades the oven


15    What traditionally provides the flavour in a frangipane cake filling


16    What was The Carpenter's first top ten entry (1970)


17    If you were to take a train from London to Brighton from which station would you leave


18    What kind of animal is a teg


19    If Gordon Banks was 1, Nobby Stiles was 4, and Bobby Charlton was 9, who was 16


20    What are the first two words of the song Me and Bobbie Magee


21    Who is the most successful German-born tennis player ever


22    What was the principle wood used by Chippendale


23    What was the third country to put a rocket into space


24    What were the first hairsprings for watches made from


25    If you were to travel due east from Newcastle upon Tyne what is the first country you would arrive at


26    Why are homosexuals and lesbians called gay


27    The Internet company Google is based in which US state


28    Who said anyone who hates children and dogs can't be all bad


29    What type of animal is the star of the 2005 film "Racing Stripes


30    In the language of flowers what tree stands for prosperity



31    In January 2001 an oil spill threatened the unusual wild life of which island group


32    When Mt. Pelee erupted it killed 40,000 people. On what island is Mt. Pelee located


33    Which American city was largely destroyed by a fire in 1871 that was allegedly started when a cow kicked over a lantern


34    In which English city was England's worst ever earthquake in 1884


35    What was the name of the entertainment complex that was badly damaged by fire on the Isle of Man in 1973


36    In 1986 on which river did a steamer sink with the loss of over five hundred people


37    Where did a gas cloud kill over 700 people in 1986


38    For what event in history is baker Thomas Farynor known


39    At what village in Humberside was there a chemical explosion causing 29 fatalities in 1974


40    What is the name of the Japanese port that was devastated by a huge earthquake in 1995, resulting in 4000 deaths


Quiz 8 - Answers

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