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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 9 - Questions: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull - Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1.     What is the name of the disembodied hand in the Addams family films and TV series


2.     Which Motown artist released the successful album Songs in The Key of Life


3.     Whose assassination sparked off World War One


4.     How many lanes are there in an Olympic swimming pool


5.     What were estate cars formerly known as


6.     In the UK we call it candy floss what would an American call it


7.     Which British organization's motto is In Utmost Good Faith


8.     Which sitcom starred Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer as a married couple


9.     From which song do the following lyrics come, “Let's move before they raise the parking rate”


10.  Which breed of terrier is the smallest in stature as recognised by The Kennel Club


11.  Which county did wicket keeper Godfrey Evans play cricket for


12.  Why is money sometimes called bread


13.  A consignment sent by boat is called a cargo what is a consignment sent by train called


14.  What is the capital of The Bahamas


15.  What nationality was actor Raymond Burr who played Ironside and Perry Mason


16.  Who had a number one in the seventies with Bye Bye Baby


17.  Which club beginning with B were the first club to provide England with 100 rugby union players


18.  Which American aircraft company made the World War Two Dauntless light bomber


19.  What is the spirit used in the Italian dessert Tiramisu


20.  When England won the football World Cup in 1966 seven of the squad did not get a game in the finals can you name them (they were finally awarded medals in 2009)


21.  Which film were Liz Taylor and Richard Burton working on when they fell in love


22.  Beethoven’s third symphony the Eroica was originally dedicated to which military leader


23.  In cricket can a batsman be stumped off a wide and given out


24.  What is the former name of Guyana


25.  How many squares are there on a Snakes and Ladders board


26.  Which Swiss watchmaker make the Oyster watch


27.  Mission to Moscow was the subtitle of which American comedy film


28.  When Buddy Holly was killed in a plane crash in 1959, who were the other two singers that also died (point for each)


29.  How many branches must a stags antlers have to become a royal stag


30.  Which two bodies merged in 1918 to form the RAF


31.  In which Shakespeare play do we hear about Yorick and Ophelia


32.  American designer Raymond Loewy designed a classic pack for which brand of cigarettes


33.  What is the Scottish equivalent to the Attorney General


34.  What is the well known tune for piano that can be played by one finger on each hand called


35.  What colour are the flowers of the laburnum


36.  Which British car manufacturer made the Renown in the forties and fifties


37.  What is the only island city in England


38.  What was the name of the villain in the Bond film From Russia With Love played by Robert Shaw


39.  From which Handel oratorio does the Hallelujah Chorus come


40.  What is the only English anagram of Indicatory to be found in a dictionary



Round 2 - JUST THE JOB

1.     At what profession did Sir Christopher Wren achieve lasting fame


2.     In which job must you constantly rotate the gob on the end of your nose


3.     What in Ireland was a gombeen man


4.     What is the difference between a butler and a valet


5.     What does a fellmonger deal in


6.     What is the proper term for someone who makes women's hats


7.     In the 17th century what job was done by 'Charlies'


8.     What is the name given to someone who makes wagons


9.     Originally what was a coward


10.  Ellen Church became the first person to take up which occupation in 1930



Quiz 9 - Answers

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